Wild Trout Trust stocking video

The Wild Trout Trust have really embraced the use of video having produced a number of excellent clips. They have just published a stocking guide for angling clubs which is well worth a look, click here to view. The pint glass  analogy is clever.

Only one or two clubs stock trout in the Spey so it may not be of huge direct interest but the clip makes a lot of good general points.

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  1. Kevin James at 11:42 am

    I found the river management videos very interesting, they really pointed up the need for habitat improvement and also demonstrated that it is possible to improve our feeder burns relatively easily assuming that water abstraction allows for proper consistent water flows. There may even be a case for established beats on the main stem to dedicate areas for a more natural state rather than the manicured look currently in favour

    • Brian Shaw Author at 9:27 pm

      Hi Kevin,
      The evidence is pretty clear regarding habitat management although the benefits are often more obvious for trout. Regarding the mainstem bank management I suppose there has to be a balance struck. The unmanaged bits are highly natural and almost all the big riffles are in that category. In a big mainstem river like the Spey the margins are of lesser importance than in a small burn.
      There is a certain roadside view of the lower river with the Green fishing huts set back from the river and the grass lawn leading down to the river. Like most anglers I suppose I never drive upriver without admiring that beautifully manicured view!

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