Season 2011
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  • End of season round up 2011

    Well that is another season finished, I will not have the totals catch figures for a few weeks yet but as soon as I get them I will post them here.

    Looking back over the season, it strikes me that it was the total opposite of 2010; in 2010 the spring part of the season was poor but the grilse run was strong. In 2011 the spring run was much stronger but the grilse run poor.  Having said the above the river seems to be in a very healthy state and all the pools I have fished have plenty of fish in them all be it I could not get them to take. Now let us hope that the salmon have a successful time on the redds and let us look forward to February 11th 2012.

    The catch returns for 2011 still have to be formalised, there are a couple of estates who have yet to put their returns to the board.  From the information available I can say that the total for the year will be a little disappointing 8607. On the positive side the spring catches were much better; from February to April 535 salmon were reported, by the end of May this had risen to 1942 and by the end of June 3869. The grilse run really failed to materialise. In summary 2011 ended up with a similar total of 2010 but being almost totally opposite, 2010 had a poor Spring and a good grilse run 2011 had a good Spring and a poor grilse run, let us just hope that 2012 has a good Spring and a good grilse run!

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  • Week Commencing 19th September 2011

    There is some rain forecast for the middle of the week following a spell of bright weather at the weekend, as I type this on Saturday the combine harvesters are going flat out in the fields. The tides are building now till the end of the season. This week’s report is earlier than usual as I’m away to Sweden in search of giant seatrout on the River Emm, I’m not at all sure what I have let myself in for as the fishing appears to take place outside my usual gentleman’s hours.

    Catches: There appears to be a mixture of fish in the river ranging from fresh grilse to big cock fish in their autumnal finery. With only five days to go I thought I would finish with a picturesque report!

    Grantown had another big fish and local angler Willie Stirritt landed it from Poll Clach on the fly the fish was estimated at thirty two pounds, I have no other information.

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  • Week Commencing 12th September 2011

    Weather forecasting is a difficult business and I certainly have some sympathy for Michael Fish and his hurricane problems. Speyside just managed to avoid the tail of hurricane Katia! The main influence on the fishing was the water levels,these levels were very volatile throughout the week. At this time of year even small quantities of rain can have a major influence as the trees have stopped drinking so much water. It has been raining heavily today and I will predict the river will be on the high side tomorrow and will probably remain high with more rain to come mid week. The tides have peaked this weekend and there will be no new water for the rest of the week.

    Catches; from what I can gather the beats below Fochabers are still catching fresh fish, Mr Phil Walker sent me this picture of this cracking fish from the Lower Birks.

    Most of the other beats are just ticking over with a few fresher fish being caught. Most of the pools are stuffed with fish but as usual in September they have other things on their minds.The higher water of last week gave the Grantown anglers an end of season boost with twenty –six landed including this one estimated at thirty-four pounds landed on a silver toby by local angler Gary Grant. The fish was safely returned to the river

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  • Week Commencing 5th September 2011

    There is a severe weather warning for Grampian on Monday, the Met Office says, “The remains of Hurricane Katia will move eastwards across northern Scotland during Monday, bringing a spell of very windy weather to the UK and also heavy rain to western Scotland. The strongest winds are expected to affect parts of Northern Ireland during the morning, before moving east across central and southern Scotland and into northeast England by evening. However, areas further south will not be immune, with the potential for strong gusts, particularly to the east of high ground.”

    I am not sure if the rain will be far enough east to affect the river but the strong winds will make casting “interesting”.

    The season end is fast approaching and the salmon are losing interest in playing so are difficult to tempt, sometimes different tactics will work but at other times the fish will just ignore these as well and then it is just a matter of luck to get something to take.

    Catches; I hear the bottom of the river is still fishing well Stuart Ball tells me he and his party had an enjoyable three days catching some fresh salmon and grilse. He sent me this picture of Mark Wilton-Steer with a 12 lber from Gordon Castle.

    The rest of the river is in the September doldrums. After all my moans and groans about lack of photos I have been inundated with them this week, they appear to be like buses, you wait all season, then they all come along at once.

    Grantown have had sixteen salmon this week. Only two grilse; however all of the rest, except one, were over the 10 lbs mark and into the teens,two weighed 15 lbs, the majority were caught on the spinner.

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  • Week Commencing 29th August 2011

    As I predicted last week, Monday was pretty much a washout, there were a few fish caught on the small areas of fishable water. The levels dropped and cleared as the week progressed and there were some fish about. The rainfall chart for next week shows the region will get little if any rain, most of the rain stays well to the south. It ought to be a pleasant sunny week. Tide wise there is no new water till Thursday then the tides start to build again.

    Catches, there appears to be grilse being caught at the bottom of the river but I have no reports to back up these rumours. Delfur were around the forty mark with there being some very slow days followed by some good days. Mark tells me there were a mixture of very fresh grilse and big old coloured fish.

    Thursday seemed very dour up and down the river for whatever reason yet Friday was much better!  Mrs Liza O’Brien’s party managed twenty one at Rothes. The Gordon Angling Group had their final outing of the season just below Craigellachie and managed sixteen, with Club President Kevin James being the top rod with three on Tuesday. Craigellachie just about made double figures. Wester Elchies had a slightly better week than of late with eight landed. Carron had a great start to the week with nine on Tuesday but tailed off finishing the week with around sixteen. Over the water I hear one of the Laggan fishers lost a big fish right at the net whilst fishing Sands on Saturday, unfortunately I have no more details. Once again I have no reports from further up the river.

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  • Week Commencing 22nd August 2011

    There is a severe weather warning for the region today, the Met Office say, “A spell of wet and unseasonably windy weather will continue during Sunday. Persistent rain, heavy at times, will be accompanied by strong to gale force winds with a risk of severe gales in the most exposed areas. The public should be aware of the risk of localised flooding.” On Monday the heavy rain will disappear and the rest of the week will be dry. The river is sitting at four feet and rising at teatime tonight the turbidity looks poor as well, all the local burns and very high and dirty.

    The tides are building till Thursday this coupled with the rise in the water should encourage the run to continue. Last week was fairly difficult, I hear that there are plenty of fish in the pools but they seem not that keen to take. Friday’s little rise seem to have tickled some of the fish up and catches on Saturday reflected this.

    My petulant outburst last week produced a couple of results, a proprietor, whose beat does report very well gave me a mild rebuke. Secondly I received an Email from a well known Swedish author urging me to continue as half a report from the Spey was better than none!

    Catches, as received! Delfur finished the week with close to forty. There were good days but also some slow days. Chris Bedford-Russell had the heaviest catch of the week, Peebles, the photos are self explanatory. It is probably the heaviest catch of the season.

    Rothes had another good week with thirty two landed, twenty two salmon and ten grilse, most of which were sea-liced. Craigellachie managed to get into the mid teens. Wester Elchies had another poor week with only four landed. Over the water Kinermony had a great Saturday when Jock Royan brought in a team of ringers (Tay Gillies) nineteen fish were landed. Carron had a reasonable week with eleven landed and certainly Saturday’s fish were sea-liced. The big fish from Pitcroy Ballindalloch.

    Wayne Davison, Pitcroy gillie, got in touch with me today; he told me he hooked his fish about six o-clock on Friday evening. The fish took a size 10 Stinchar Stoat on a ten pound cast. The fish though not weighed was measured at 44 ½“length with a girth of 22”. Wayne tells me this equates to somewhere between thirty six and thirty seven pounds. Well done Wayne, a fish of a life time. My Grantown reporter has forgotten me but I believe they had a quiet week but I expect the rain should make next week much better.

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  • Week commencing August 15th 2011

    After the previous week’s spates it was a very quiet week on Speyside, the river started at about eighteen inches and dropped steadily all week pretty much perfect conditions. The forecast for next week is more of the same, sunshine and light showers at the start of the week with some heavy rain on Wednesday night or Thursday. The tides are building all week.

    Catches as usual nothing from the bottom or top of the river, writing these reports is so frustrating when no one informs me what is happening on the river! Delfur had a good week with around sixty fish landed, included in this was one at twenty pounds and five “first” fish, an expensive week for the badge makers.

    Upstream Dan Drew’s party landed close to thirty with a lot of fish lost. Beverly Drew sent me these photographs of Mike and Robbie returning fish.

    Craigellachie finished the week strongly with ten fish about half of which were caught on Saturday. When I last spoke to Sam Wester Elchies had only had six, matched by Kinermony over the water. Carron finished the week with eight. I hear that the Knockando beats have been fishing quite well recently. Grantown have had fourteen salmon/grilse reported including the heaviest fish of the season. Mr John Davis caught and released a twenty seven pound salmon from Tarric Mor. This is his third big fish having already landed a twenty pounder on the 12th of August and a sixteen pounder on the 16th, certainly a month of quality rather than quantity.

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  • Week Commencing August 8th 2011

    Well as I predicted water temperature was not an issue this last week! On Monday the river rose to 4 foot six with some turbidity, Tuesday and Wednesday morning were fishable but on Wednesday afternoon the second rise of the week started and it peaked about six foot early on Thursday morning. Friday and Saturday were fishable all be it was a little on the high side for some beats. The weather is more settled for the next few days, sunshine and showers sums it up nicely. Tide wise the tides peaked this weekend and there will be no new water for the rest of the week. I have today received the official catch figures for the start of the season; I would describe them as encouraging. The 2011 catch till June 30th is 3856 up from last year’s poor total of 2154, but also up on the five year average of 3350. The release rate is an impressive 82% up from 79% and the best recorded to date.  Seatrout catches are not so rosy, 739 down from last year’s 1557 though encouragingly the return rate is up from 61% to 63%.

    Catches; although I was promised a detailed report from the Lower River, disappointingly none has been forthcoming.  I did hear unofficially that catches have been good and I was speaking to some anglers who had fished the Brae Beats for the last few days of the week and they reported seeing large numbers of grilse and salmon entering the river and were very enthusiastic about the prospects for the coming week. Delfur finished the week in the mid twenties, down on previous weeks but there were a few first fish in amongst that total and Delfur is not renowned as a high water beat!

    Rothes had a good week finishing with thirty landed. Tay Board chairman had two remarkable fish, one on Monday afternoon which might have been put down as a fluke except he repeated the feat on Thursday! Perhaps Bill is just used to fishing large fast flowing rivers.

    I also heard that a beat upstream from Rothes had a twenty eight pound fish, but I have no more details.  Craigellachie had a good day on Tuesday with seven landed but finished the week with nine. Things were tough at Wester Elchies but a few were caught, none by me I may add. Frank Whitney soon to turn 91 had a couple. Mark Hanson was the top rod for the week with three and Ruth Hosker kept up her catch per unit effort with this one from the Brock.

    Carron had seven with Mr Whelan landing his first fish on Saturday lunchtime after losing a couple earlier in the week. Lionel Main, Castle Grant Head Gillie, tells me they were catching good numbers of grilse most in excellent condition around the four or five pound mark with only the odd skinny one. Perhaps that is why we found things hard going the grilse were all determined to get to Castle Grant. Grantown had a great start to the week with eight on Monday but surprisingly finished with only fourteen.

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  • Week Commencing August 1st 2011

    It was another slightly frustrating week on Speyside, there are plenty of fish in the river but they are not that keen to play. Personally I think the river temperature has a lot to do with this, at 60f the salmon are not that comfortable as the amount of dissolved oxygen is greatly reduced. I predict that this will not be a problem over the next few days!

    The Met office has issued a severe weather warning- Rain will continue through Sunday and the first half of Monday, before easing. Large totals will build up, 30-40 mm quite widely, and 50-60 mm in a few locations, notably north-facing up slopes. This may cause some localised flooding.

    SEPA have also issued a flood alert for Findhorn, Nairn, Moray and Speyside- from 07-08-2011 11:13 to 08-08-2011 11:13

    A spell of heavy and prolonged rain has affected much of the area through Saturday and into Sunday with over 30mm having been recorded in places. The rain is expected to continue throughout the day before clearing gradually overnight and into Monday.
    Rivers and smaller watercourses in the areas that have been affected by the heaviest of the rain may respond and lead to some minor disruption.

    I will see what the river does; as I write this the river has gone up some ten inches and has some turbidity. Tide wise there is no new water till Thursday then the tides start to build again, if this does not bring in some grilse, they probably are not coming.

    Catches, as usual I’m only receiving reports from the usual beats, it is very disappointing and frustrating not to have lots of good news to spread worldwide about the Spey.

    Delfur managed around the thirty mark. Mark says that there were plenty of grilse in amongst that total. He sent me this picture of Ola Smith in her favourite pool.

    Upstream Rothes had a better week than of late with just short of twenty landed again almost fifty percent grilse but with the salmon just edging ahead. Both Craigellachie and Wester Elchies had disappointing weeks with only a handfull landed. Peter Austin of Roseisle was not at all disappointed when he landed this, his first ever salmon from Pol Shuan Wester Elchies.

    Carron managed seven mostly again the majority salmon but just. I managed to get a few photos, if no one else will send me them I have to do the job myself!

    I heard that the beats above the Avon were having some good sport with good numbers of grilse being landed. Grantown was again disappointing but I predict that this lift in the water will make it one of the best beats on the river.

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  • Week Commencing 25th July 2011

    Well it has been a difficult and somewhat disappointing week on Speyside; the grilse are now officially late! We need something to change either the grilse to arrive in numbers or some heavy rain to stir everything up, it is almost like September the pools are stuffed with fish but they are not keen on playing.  The river is low but there have been a few showers today, probably not enough to lift the levels but hopefully enough to drop the water temperatures and freshen the fish up. There is more rain forecast on Wednesday or Thursday. The tides are building till Thursday but then there will no new water for the rest of the week. Let us hope the big tides and fresh water will entice some grilse into the system.

    Catches, again disappointingly I have no reports from the top and bottom of the river. Photos again are in short supply surely not all Spey anglers are shy.

    Delfur had a quieter week than of late but mid thirties is not too shabby by anyone else’s standards.

    At Rothes, Mike Ewen tells me that his pools are stuffed with fish but they are not keen to play. They eventually finished the week with ten, with James Carr catching three to his own rod.  Craigellachie had a quiet week again, I witnessed Miss Higgins landing a fine ten pound fish in the Boat Pool as a group of canoeists looked on, but she coped very well with audience and the lively fish. Wester Elchies had a quieter week with only four salmon landed with as many seatrout. Carron were also disappointing. My Grantown correspondent has been away to the west coast, so I have only heard of the two fish reported elsewhere.

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  • Week commencing 18th July 2011

    Sorry for the delay in this week’s report but as I said last week I was attending the CLA Game Fair. The Speycasting competition was wonderful and was won by Gerard Downie (Team Carron) with a new world record cast of 70.68m metres. After two visits to Oxfordshire in the last month I am reminded why I live on Speyside.

    Last week the river was on the high side on Monday with a touch of colour but there appeared to be plenty of fish around. Tuesday was more difficult as the river rose for much of the day. The rest of the week was good with the river falling and clearing. As I write this on Tuesday morning the river is sitting around the six inch mark. There is no significant rain forecast for the rest of the week. The tides are building all week. I hear from the North Rivers that they are starting to catch grilse in numbers so hopefully the grilse run will start to build on the Spey in a week or so.

    Catches: Not a lot of news from the top or bottom of the river. Graham Ritchie had a day on Gordon Castle last Saturday; he landed seven to his own rod. I received this photo of Bob with one of Graham’s fish.

    Upstream at Delfur things continued as normal this season with around fifty fish landed. Mark tells me that a couple had marks of having close encounters with dolphins and seals.

    Upstream at Rothes they had another good week with thirty eight landed including two over twenty pounds. Mike Ewen tells me that most were coloured and there were again very few grilse. Upstream Craigellachie had a better week than of late with Seventeen landed. Peter Kyte sent me a report of his week at the Macallan Beat where they landed ten fish; including a first ever fish for Bumble Taylor, (16) from the Tunnel Pool.

    Wester Elchies had a better week than of late with twenty four landed; top rod was Anthony Tinsley with seven.  Sam Langmead lost 3 salmon before landing his first ever salmon from the Delagyle Pool. Henry Dodson left it late landing his first salmon from Pol Shuan, host Anthony had already changed out of his waders but gamely stripped off to his underwear to ensure the fish was landed. (Picture to follow?)

    Carron had a good week with twenty seven landed. I have no pictures this week but received a picture of Jeanette Tallis from a couple of weeks ago.

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  • Week commencing 11th July 2011

    It has been an interesting week on Speyside. Monday, as I reported last week the river was big and dirty.

    I hear there were still some fish caught, Wester Elchies had one first thing and a beat below Craigellachie had five. Water levels dropped off as the week progressed and most beats were catching salmon with a smattering of grilse. On Saturday night we had three grilse within half an hour of each other all covered in long tailed sealice. On Friday night, heavy rain caused a small landslide at Rothes, and parts of the river below were affected by the turbidity. The heavy rain continued on Saturday night and both the Avon and the Spey showed sharp rises, the Spey seems to have peaked at about three feet this afternoon and is starting to fall back.

    There is another severe weather warning for the area, with showers, heavy and thundery at times. Further rainfall accumulations of 10-15mm in any one hour period are likely with 20-30mm expected over a three hour period. There is a risk of as much as 40mm locally. There is more rain forecast for Tuesday and Thursday but not as heavy. Temperatures remain in the mid teens. Tides there will be no new water past Monday, but hopefully the grilse run should now start to build.

    Catches, again I have heard nothing from the top or bottom of the river! Delfur although losing a day to high water still finished the week with nearly fifty fish landed. Mr Henri Mountain sent me this picture of his wife with a seventeen pound salmon from Broom.

    Mike Ewen tells me that Rothes had a reasonable week with fifteen landed and almost as many lost. Both beats say that the majority were salmon with just an odd grilse. Craigellachie almost made double figures. Wester Elchies were again disappointing with only five salmon and a grilse landed, Spey regular Graham Ritchie sent me this photo of Sam with his fish from the Boat Pool, if only Graham’s photographic skills were as good as his fishing ability.

    I hear Carron had eight with Henrik Reirson catching seventy five percent of the catch! I also hear there was a big seatrout captured from the Whin Pool at Phones. Grantown did not fare as well as I had hoped with again just short of double figures salmon / grilse reported the best being a sixteen pounder. Seatrout numbers have been down slightly but the quality has been up, with several around the five-six pound range and a beauty of seven pounds. Next week’s report will be delayed as I am back in Oxfordshire, this time for the CLA Game Fair.

    We have recently installed another web camera on the Spey, to check on river heights and turbidity please visit.

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  • Week Commencing 4th July 2011

    The river appears to have peaked this evening at around forty inches, there is no more rain forecast this week so hopefully the river should start to fall and clear. The tides are building all week and hopefully this coupled with a dropping river should produce some good catches.

    Last week was very patchy, the river was quite low at the start of the week but then from Thursday onwards the heavy rain showers pushed the river up and down making fishing tricky in coloured unsettled river levels.

    Catches Alex Robertson sent me another picture of himself with a nice fish from the Brae Beats.

    Delfur had a fine week with almost fifty landed mainly salmon but with a few grilse as well. David Johnson likes to make life difficult for himself fishing with a greenheart rod and Brassfaced Perfect but he does have some success.

    Mike Ewen tells me that the unsettled conditions made fishing difficult and the fresh fish did not seem to want to stay at Rothes. Wester Elchies had a disappointing week with only five landed. Carron did better after a slow start finishing with nine including a couple in the high teens. I was pleased to hear that Rebecca Chesmore had her first salmon on Monday morning whilst fishing at Lower Pitcroy, having landed her first ever fish she soon had her second on Tuesday.

    Grantown fished reasonably well last week with fourteen salmon and four grilse, I think this high water will suit them well and I think they might have a bumper week this week.

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  • Week Commencing 27th June 2011

    Well it was a little quieter on Speyside this week but it was still a good week. The weather just about did as was predicted. It is hot and sunny as I type this and the river is sitting around the zero mark. There is some rain forecast on Wednesday. Temperatures are a bit better tomorrow but high for the rest of the week, but I suppose it is July after all. Tides are still building till Wednesday, and then there will no new water for the rest of the week. I heard a couple of mammalian stories this week; firstly I heard that an otter was hooked, whilst an unnamed angler was salmon fishing on an unnamed beat, after a long and memorable battle the otter was just feet away and showing its displeasure when to everyone’s relief angler and otter parted company.

    Later the same day the otter was seen eating an eel at the tail of the pool apparently none the worse of his experience. The second story involves a red squirrel who swam the Spey at the Boat Pool, quite an achievement on its own but when he arrived at the Wester Elchies side he was greeted by a large Black Labrador. Taking all this in his stride he nipped the Labrador on his nose and scampered up the nearest tree, obviously Speyside squirrels are made of stern stuff!

    Catches; again disappointingly I have no reports from the top or bottom of the river and photos are in short supply, all you anglers out there must be shy and retiring! Please email me at or text me them to 07967970704. Delfur again were close to forty, Mark tells me they could have had a few more as there were plenty hooked but lost. This fish was a touch unlucky not to break free, spot the wind knot, Mark says that it was never a danger of breaking as the angler was using Maxima rather that fluoro!

    Rothes had another good week with twenty two salmon landed; Mike tells me they were all salmon, no grilse yet. Craigellachie again were just short of double figures. Wester Elchies had a better week with eleven landed. Things were quieter at Carron with only two landed but I believe one was a first fish after four years of trying. Knockando had quite a good week with a few landed including one of eighteen pounds. The beats around and above the Avon are still fishing well.Tom Ehrhard an American Air force man sent me this picture of his day on the Spey organised by the RAF, obviously a special relationship.

    Grantown has been a little quieter on the salmon front with six salmon and three grilse reported another rise in water will liven things up. The seatrout fishing remains good with twenty nine reported so far this week. Next week’s report will be later as I’m away to the British Grand Prix.

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  • Week Commencing 20th June 2011

    It has been another good week on Speyside, but my weather forecasting skills seem to have left me, but I will have another stab for this coming week. Last week the forecast showers were somewhat heavier and more frequent than predicted, the river rose quite quickly and was almost unfishable for about twenty four hours. I predict showers at the start of the week, with some sunshine and higher temperatures as the week progresses. The tides are building all week, and hopefully the good runs of fish will continue.

    Catches; I fished the Gordon Castle water with Mr. Dave Sadowski, it was not the best week to be on the Lower River as the lift in water levels encouraged the fish to run quickly up river. We managed to land five with as many lost. Both Mr. Sadowski and I were surprised to discover there are some later weeks available, please contact the Estate Office for more details. (See last minute availability for details.)

    Delfur had another excellent week with over sixty salmon landed. Rothes had thirty-two and I hear the beats above also did well. Craigellachie had eight and around the same number of seatrout, for a change I received a picture of Annie Henderson rather than her husband Iain, much better looking, but I suggest she change milliners!

    Wester Elchies had a surprisingly quiet week with only six landed, very disappointing. Carron was the place of miracles, on Wednesday whilst the river was still rising with all the associated debris floating past Dr Andrew Czaykowski hooked and landed his first ever salmon weighing sixteen and a half pounds, the fish was hooked on a floating line and a size 8 Cascade.

    Later in the week Andrew Whelan had almost to be carried to the Carron Pool as his knee was so painful, but two salmon later he skipped back to the hut to report his success. Even I managed to catch a fish late on Saturday evening, taking the total for the James Chalmers’ party to thirty.  Judging by the long tailed sealice it was one of the ones that swam past me at Gordon Castle on Saturday morning!

    The Outhwaith party fishing Knockando,Phones Beat had fourteen including a “first fish” for daughter Jackie and her boyfriend Andrew. Martin Williams sent me this report from a couple of weeks ago when he was fishing Castle Grant 3, “This fish was taken at 16.30 on 6th June from The Pollowick Sluggen (CG Beat 3) size 10 Cascade Unfortunately I was on the right bank & therefore my fishing partner could not get across to assist take a better photo.

    As you can see it was a hen and was slightly coloured so I was keen to return it, which I did. However, I marked it on my rod & subsequently measured it at 42.5 inches. We then did an exercise of measuring the rod handle, real size & then from the photo to establish a ratio/scale which we then applied to the fish in the photo. This method returned a measurement of 42.25 inches. Depending on which table you look at this seems to make it somewhere between 28 & 32lbs. We’ve split the difference & put it in the book at 30lb.”

    Grantown has had a good week with the higher water suiting them, twenty six fish have been landed including a fish of twenty pounds from the Lurg Pool, seatrout catches are up to around fifty including one of about six pounds.

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  • Week Commencing 13th June 2011

    Well I was wrong but in my defence it was the Met Office that issued the severe weather warning I was just passing it on, anyway the heavy rain fell to the North of the Great Glen, we had very little significant rain and the level remained unchanged! There might be some rain on Tuesday or Wednesday with it getting brighter towards the end of the week. Tides; there is no new water all week. Hopefully the fish will continue to enter the system and slowly make their way upstream.

    Catches, once again information is hard to get, it is easier to get footballers’ names when they have super injunctions than find out what some beats are catching, and whilst I’m having a moan a few pictures would be nice! Email me at or text me 07967970704.

    Alex Robertson sent me this picture of his fish from Brae Three Ian Tennant and Alex guessed it was just short of twenty pounds. I have no other information from the Gordon Castle Beats.

    Upstream Delfur kept up their excellent season with just short of fifty fish landed. Rothes started the week well with five on Monday but were unable to sustain those figures; Mike Ewen tells me there are plenty of fish in the pools. I hear that a big fish was landed at Easter Elchies but all I have is rumour!

    Craigellachie had a slow start to the week but finished strongly on Friday and Saturday just getting into double figures. Wester Elchies managed a dozen mostly from the Lower Beat, this takes them past one hundred for the season. I hear that Kinermony were around the same mark.

    Carron started well with four on Monday including this first ever salmon for Italian Sam Pecorari who landed this fish within thirty minutes of starting, 20 minutes later he landed and returned his second ever salmon! Carron finished the week on ten a couple more than Laggan.

    I hear the Simmons’s party had a great week at Knockando with fifteen by Friday evening. I have no other information till Grantown who had sixteen fish till Friday morning, mostly in the mid teens, the seatrout catches were a little slow or possibly it is just the returns that are slow coming in.

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  • Week Commencing 6th June 2011

    It has been another good week on Speyside with most beats reporting good catches. Hopefully this will continue into the coming week. The settled spell of weather will disappear on Tuesday when there is a severe weather warning for Tuesday and Wednesday, heavy and persistent rain will give totals of 30-40mm in places and locally 60mm over high ground. The wind accompanying this will increase to gale force at times. The river is sitting about six inches at the moment what it will be at the end of the week is anyone’s guess. The tides are building all week.

    Catches, again disappointingly I have heard nothing from the top or bottom of the river. Delfur had a great week, with Brian Noel’s party landing forty six, Mark sent me this picture of Daniel Greenham  with one of his fish from Beaufort.

    Rothes had their best week of the season with Alan Williams’ party landing forty three salmon, top rod was Tay gillie, Alex Mitchell including this one from Gene Tree at twenty pounds.

    Stuart Ball and Phil Walker had a good three days at Upper Arndilly and sent me these photos.

    Craigellachie just failed to get into double figures. When I spoke to Sam on Friday Wester Elchies had just six with as many lost, Peter Wall was top rod with three. Laggan edged Carron by one fish with sixteen landed. Jan Sjaastad sent me this picture with Ian Borthwick holding his fish.

    I hear the beats above the Avon had a great start to the week. Grantown had their best week of the season so far with twenty nine declared so far and the heaviest being eighteen pounds, there were also twenty seatrout recorded the best being five pounds.

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  • Week Commencing 30th May 2011

    It has probably been the best week of the season so far, Thursday and Friday were a bit bright but the rest of the week was perfect for fishing and the catches reflect this. Hopefully next week will be more of the same; the forecast is for sunshine and showers with perhaps heavier rain on Thursday. Tides, there is no new water all week.

    Catches, again I have heard nothing from the top or bottom of the river. Delfur had a good week with thirty five landed. Mark sent me this photo with Robert Jolly at Broom.

    Upstream at Rothes Mr and Mrs Bladon and guests had an excellent week with thirty three landed including a first fish for Tom Snowball. The Gordon Angling Group finished their spring fishing with a week below Craigellachie, twenty three salmon and two seatrout were landed. Mel McDonald sent me this photograph of him returning one of his fish and Ian Kelly is returning another.

    Craigellachie were again into mid-teens.  When I last heard from Kinermony they had had an excellent start to the week and I would speculate they finished with close to twenty. Over the water Henry Mountain’s party had a great start to the week with seventeen till Wednesday night but either a change in the fishers or perhaps the weather conditions lead to two blank days, Henry himself had three on Saturday to take the total to twenty.

    Strangely Carron had a quieter week with only seven landed and Ian Borthwick tells me they were not seeing many fish. Grantown have reported almost twenty salmon since I last heard from them the heaviest around fifteen pounds, there also has been a few seatrout.

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  • Week Commencing 23rd May 2011

    It was a strange week on the river; Monday was almost unfishable because of the wind, in fact even getting to the river proved difficult in some cases.

    Tuesday the river rose and was quite coloured not ideal conditions again. Later in the week the river rose again but the turbidity was much less. Hopefully this coming week will be more settled, the strong wind blowing this afternoon is forecast to disappear with some more settled weather arriving. There is no rainfall forecast till Wednesday and the river which is sitting at twenty inches should drop away nicely. The tides are building all week so I would like to think that the stronger runs of late will continue to build and the more settled conditions should also help the catches.

    Catches, Dave Duncan tells me that the Gordon Castle beats were all fishing well, a week ago, and he sent me this picture, but no names or size! If the happy angler would drop me an email with the details I will happily correct this over sight.

    Upstream Delfur had a good week with twenty nine fish landed and the biggest just under twenty pounds. Rothes managed twenty five salmon and four seatrout, Nick Smyth sent me this picture of his father Kevin with this fish estimated at nineteen pounds.

    Craigellachie had over ten for the week and almost as many seatrout. The best fish of the week was estimated at twenty eight pounds on Tuesday. Wester Elchies had thirteen for the week after starting with two blank days. Carron had the same baker’s dozen and James Chalmers was on hand to catch this one on Saturday evening.

    Grantown had a dozen till Thursday and I feel they might have got to twenty by Saturday. Three seatrout have been reported including a good fish of six pounds.

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  • Week Commencing 16th May 2011

    The Met. Office has issued a warning of exceptionally windy weather is expected to cross the northern half of the country during Monday. Wind gusts of 60 mph are expected widely with gusts of 70 mph probable across parts. On Tuesday these Westerly gales are expected to moderate with showers of rain heavier on Wednesday with more sunshine on Thursday, the usual mixed bag for May. The overnight rain has pushed the river up and it is sitting around the two foot mark with a little turbidity. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till Saturday. I am hopeful that the good runs of fish will continue with higher water moving the fish around and encouraging them to take.

    Catches, Dave Duncan tells me that the Gordon Estate are continuing to catch fish and some of them are over twenty pounds. Jock Maclennan was out on Saturday, he tells me he lost two before landing this one, his first ever Spey Salmon he then landed a smaller one, quite a day.

    Upstream Delfur had a fine week with over thirty five fish landed, a huge improvement on last year. Rothes were just short with thirty four landed. Craigellachie had seventeen including this on caught by Iain Henderson on Monday morning.

    Wester Elchies had eleven to five o-clock on Saturday evening. Kent Hakkenson sent me this picture of one his fish caught on Delagyle the previous week.

    Carron had their best week of the season with sixteen landed, party leader James Chalmers landed this one in front of the hut.

    I have had no reports further up except from Grantown where things picked up with twelve salmon reported, half of which were in double figures, I’m sure the recent lift in water will help the catches again this week. If anyone has more information please send me pictures or stories to

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  • Week Commencing 9th May 2011

    The river is sitting at about one foot and the temperature is hovering around 12 c, the sky is overcast with showers of rain a typical Speyside May day but good fishing conditions. With the tides building all week I expect that the catches will continue to improve. The forecast is to remain pretty much unchanged all week with sunshine and showers. Last week things went pretty much as I predicted, the river was “black” on Monday and catches reflected this but as the river fell and cleared catches started to improve, Friday was a good day on the river and most beats picked up fish. On Monday evening at a small ceremony at Delfur Lodge, Huston McCollough was presented with his own replica of the Savills Malloch Trophy for the capture and release of a 36lb salmon, a year ago.

    Catches: Again I am disappointed to say I have no reports from the bottom or top of the river.

    Delfur had a good week with Olivier Devictor’s party landing twenty two salmon with a few
    more lost, no monsters this year!

    Upstream at Rothes twelve were landed Mike tells me that the end of the week was the most productive time and most of the fish were sea liced. I fished a beat below Craigellachie again with Alex Ritchie and again he out fished me comprehensively, this time landing five fish on Friday, again over 50% of the catch. I have posted enough pictures of Alex so this week I have a picture of Iain Kelly returning a fish from the Dips.

    Craigellachie had a much better week with ten fish landed, Dougie Ross sent me this picture of himself and Rachel Denton returning a fish estimated at 17lbs.

    Wester Elchies had their best week of the season with fourteen landed and over the water Kinermony had ten and Delagyle had seven. Upstream Carron managed four and across the river Laggan had at least five. I understand that Ballindalloch were into double figures by mid week as were the beats above. Grantown angling Association had around six fish and their first seatrout of the season, hopefully the good water conditions and milder evenings will encourage the seatrout anglers out on the river.

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  • Week Commencing 2nd May 2011

    It rained over the last couple of days, not a lot at Carron but enough to bring the river up; as I write this the river has risen eighteen inches to about one foot six! There is a bit of turbidity but this is to be expected as we have not had a decent rise for around five weeks. Tide wise there will be no new water till Thursday then they will build for the next week. The weather forecast predicts sunshine and showers with a possibility of a bit more rain on Thursday.

    I have not had any news from the bottom of the river. Delfur had eighteen, mostly sealiced and a few more lost. Rothes were somewhat quieter with five landed and as many lost. Just below Craigellachie it was the week where the local syndicate fish Inverfiddich, at least six fish were landed from a 500 yard single bank beat! I managed this one on Monday.

    Upstream Wester Elchies though lightly fished managed six. Whilst trout fishing, gillie Sam Bremner landed a 9lb hen fish on a size 12 March Brown and 4lb nylon cast, simple for some. Frank Whitley 90 years young, landed three including this one from the Little Turn.

    Over the water both Kinermony and Delagyle had at least a couple each. Upstream at Carron 5 fish were eventually landed, at the start of the week three fish were lost on the trot by the same (un)lucky angler. Nick Nockton landed two in quick sucession from Midcast.

    The Knockando beats got into double figures, and Alex Richie was back amongst the fish with this one from the Pouch.

    Grantown had at least seven and the rise in the river should improve the fishing, I predict Grantown will fish well at the start of the week.

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  • Week Commencing 25th April 2011

    As I write this report the temperature in tropical Carron is hovering around the mid twenties, well I suppose it is May after all! Fishing could hardly be described as easy but there were a few fish about but the bright sunshine and clear skies made catching them anything but simple. The forecast for the next few days is more of the same and it is not till Thursday that there is any suggestion of rain. The tides continue to build till Thursday but then there is no new water for the rest of the week. Things will be difficult but certainly this week perseverance paid dividends and we managed a few sea-liced fish whilst fishing at Carron.

    Catches, I hear Orton are still catching a few fish, local anglers Willie Roy and Tony Smith were both successful, Tony Smith sent me this photo of his fish.

    Upstream at Delfur, Jon Davies’ party managed eight including a couple in their mid teens.

    Conditions were difficult at Rothes but a few fish were caught till the locals started to cool off by swimming in the pools! When I spoke to Sam, mid week, at Wester Elchies they had had one the evening before. At Carron we managed seven Alex Richie from Peterhead grabbing over 50% of the catch and I feel obliged to post a couple of pictures of Alex returning his fish.

    All the beats above seemed to be picking away with one or two fish. The fish appear to be running hard but where they are going I’m not sure. Grantown had a another fish since I last reported but I understand that there are not very many visitors this year, I’m sure as soon as we get rain Grantown’s catches will soar.

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  • Week Commencing 18th April 2011

    It has been a sad week on Speyside, on Thursday afternoon the body of an angler was seen on Brae One, smart boat work by the Brae Gillies retrieved the unfortunate angler but it was too late to revive him. At this moment no more details are available as his name is being withheld till his family has been notified. I understand he was fishing with his son at Orton.

    The weather was again very unseasonable more June than April; the river is remaining quite high considering how dry it has been of late, I hope that the snow melt keeps us going till we get some rain. There might be a few showers over the next few days but nothing worth talking about, but at least it will be cooler than last week. The tides start to build again from Wednesday.

    Catches, Delfur managed seven; Mark tells me it was hard going with the fish appearing to be running quickly. On a positive note he saw a number of smolts migrating, the first of the year.

    Rothes started the week well with 6 on Monday and Tuesday but the bright weather slowed everything down and they finished the week with ten. Wester Elchies had two with Mr David Sadowski getting this one from Delagyle Pool on Saturday lunchtime.

    Upstream Carron managed two also and Mrs Ruth Hosker caught this one in the Carron Pool early on Saturday morning. Ruth landed the fish all by herself and took this quick photo beore safely returning the fish.

    Lower Pitcroy was the place to be on the Knockando beats with Jon Veitch’s party landing eight including this nineteen pounder landed by Allan Ferguson.

    I hear that Ballindalloch had a couple and the beats above had a reasonable week. Grantown  managed eight since I last reported , five last Saturday. This takes the season’s total to thirteen exactly equal to the same week last year.
    Could I remind everyone to take great care when fishing in the river.

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  • Week Commencing 11th April 2011

    Well it is another warm and sunny spring day on Speyside, the temperature today was over 22c great for catching up with the laundry and gardening. If it stays like this we will be on Floating lines and size 8 Munroe’s before the week is out! Seriously, water temperature is getting towards the magic 50f a few more days like this and it might be worth setting up two rods, an intermediate for mornings and nights and a floater for the middle of the day. The water level is around the foot mark but the river seems to be dropping a few inches a day, and there is no significant rain forecast till at least Wednesday night. The tides are still building till Tuesday but then there will be no new water for the rest of the week.

    Last week could be described as reasonable; Dave Duncan tells me the Brae is now up around the thirty mark and still lightly fished. Icelandic writer Roy Arris had four including a seventeen pounder from Ian Stronach’s beat

    Delfur had another good week with fourteen landed and another few lost including one which both Mark and Grant both saw and estimated to be close to thirty pounds. Rothes had eight, including this one caught by Steven Beaumont in Burnmouth.

    Kinermony had their best week of the season with four fish, Dave Gordon started the week with this one from the Rhynd. Graham Ritchie eventually got his Spey season underway on Saturday.

    Across the water Wester Elchies had two when I last spoke to Sam. Carron had a slow start to the week but finished the week strongly with four on the last three days, it is now officially a better season than last year,  Chairman, Alan Williams got his season under way in April rather than June of last year!

    Knockando have had a few fish and Sandy Smith at Phones has got his season properly underway with four last week to his Swedish guests. I hear that Ballindalloch had around half a dozen but have heard nothing from the Avon. Lionel Main tells me they had a good week at Castle Grant with around fifteen fish, all sealiced and at least three around the twenty pound mark, he also says they are still catching kelts.

    Grantown had three but they have been relatively lightly fished, which surprises me as it must be one of the best priced association waters in the country.

    Ornithological news, both the swallows and the sandpipers have now safely arrived back on Speyside.

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  • Week Commencing 4th April 2011

    It has been another warm week on Speyside, today temperatures soared to 22c in April! The leaves are already coming out and the valley is looking very “green”. The unseasonably warm weather has its draw backs and the river started high on Monday, got higher on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. This coupled with strong gusty winds made fishing particularly testing. Hopefully the majority of the snow has now melted and the river should settle down to a sensible level. The tides are building all week with a high of 4 meters on Saturday. Water temperature was around the 50 f mark on Saturday, it might not be long before the floating lines come out!

    I have not heard much from the Brae Beats but understand a visiting Norwegian had a couple of fish. I hear Orton is fishing well, with sealiced fish being caught most days. Conditions did not suit Delfur but team leader Neil Cameron played a captains innings to save a blank week.

    At Rothes the senior party of Charlie Herd’s week had four with Gordon Davidson having two; this was four more than the “youngsters” managed at the end of the week.

    Dougie Ross, Craigellachie, sent me this picture of Ian Stuart with his fish from the Boat Pool.

    I hear Aberlour Town Water had half a dozen. Wester Elchies had a good start and end to the week, with a fish on Monday then the second on Saturday, Rory Campbell showed his elders on how it ought to be done.

    Carron had three but Laggan could only manage one on Wednesday. Saturday should have been a good day at Phones but both Dave Sadowski and Graham Richie both contrived to lose fish from the Station and Craigneish respectively. I also heard a party of Swedes had at least one fish from Lower Pitcroy.  Lionel Main from Castle Grant tells me they had five from his beat, all good fish and all covered in sealice, the warm water must be encouraging them to keep their heads down and go.  Grantown had at least two fish from the Long Pool, eight and nine pounds and there are rumours of a third from Inverallen, it could be a good time to visit Grantown.

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  • Week Commencing 28th March 2011

    It has been a better week on Speyside, the week started well with the river running about the two foot height but dropping nicely, unfortunately the end of the week saw some persistent rain and the river rose on Friday and again on Saturday. As I type this report it is sitting around the three foot mark and dropping, the turbidity is improving. Following the high tides of this weekend there will be no new water all week.  There is rain forecast for later in the week and coupled with the snowmelt I would expect the river to stay on the high side. Ornithological news, I was delighted to see the sand martins back on Speyside on March 30th this year. Although I have not seen them myself I hear the Osprey has also returned.

    I hear the Brae beats although still lightly fished have had over twenty salmon, the catch per unit effort must be around the best on the river and I believe the daily prices are very reasonable! Alex Robertson from Portsoy  took advantage last week and started his season with this fish from Beat 2.

    Just upstream local angler Tony Smith had another from Orton and sent me this picture.

    I had the great pleasure to have a week at Delfur, and we managed seven for the week, we were going well until the rise in water on Friday effectively stopped us catching. Top rod was Swedish author Pelle Klippinge and he gave me this photo.

    Upstream at Rothes they too lost a couple of days when the water rose and coloured up.  Lee Henshaw took to salmon fishing with a vengeance and landed this twenty four pounder as his first salmon, what a start!

    Wester Elchies had three when I last spoke to Sam mid week. Laggan had one on Monday I am confident this information is correct as I was talking to one of the party on Saturday. Over the water I believe Carron also managed one.

    Lionel Main from Castle Grant telephoned me with some news from the upper part of the river. He told me that his beat had five and the other two beats around the same. Two of the fish caught were into the high teens and were covered in sealice so they are not hanging about. He also said they had caught nearly twice the number of kelts compared with the same time last year, which came as a bit of a surprise as the kelts have been noticeable by their absence in the lower river.

    If anyone has any news or pictures please contact me

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  • Week Commencing 21st March 2011

    Unfortunately I was correct last week and the snow melt caused the river to rise on Monday and continue to rise till Tuesday evening, the first half of the week was effectively a write off. Later in the week conditions were much better and some fish were caught.

    The river is currently sitting around the two foot mark. The tides are building all week and I am optimistic some more fish will be running the river. The forecast is for a little light rain today with it staying mainly dry till at least Wednesday when there may be some rain to the south of the catchment.

    On Wednesday afternoon a few of the high water pools were fishable and local angler Tony Smith caught this one from Orton, sealiced and estimated at ten pounds.

    Upstream at Delfur, Colin Jones’ party, new to the beat found the high water challenging but Peter Dernie  proved to be the man of the moment with three out of the four fish caught including this one which he hooked in Twa Stanes and landed in Beaufort, he said it was one of his most memorable fights.

    Mike Ewan tells me they had four fish landed at Rothes and two more lost. Ian Henderson Emailed this picture of the fish he had last week at Arndilly.

    Upstream Aberlour Angling Club managed at least two and over the water your humble correspondent had two on Thursday.

    I understand Delagyle had at least one. Carron managed three including one at seventeen pounds and my slightly unreliable reporter tells me Laggan had none, but as he told me they had one last week when they had none, who knows. Again information is scarce from further up the river but I believe most of the major beats have had fish. Can I take this opportunity to remind anglers that is not compulsory to kill their second fish and that large three sea winter fish will help the genetics of the river.

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  • Week Commencing 14th March 2011

    I was wrong the snow melt did not cause as many problems as I thought; in fact the river remained fishable all week.

    Today as I write this week’s report the temperature is in double figures, and the forecast for the next few days is to remain warm and even the night time temperatures are expected to be around five degrees, I feel we might lose a day or two this week but again I hope I am proved wrong. After the very high tides of the weekend and the perigee there will be no new water this week.

    The week started quietly, there was a little turbidity on Monday, probably caused by the local burns discharging the snow melt into the river. By Tuesday the river was clear and with the cold nights the diurnal effect could be plainly seen.

    I hear that Orton had a good day on Saturday with three fish landed including this one caught by Mark Morriston from Upper Cairnty.

    Delfur had a quiet week and the total was not helped when Willie Mair lost this one in Sourden.

    Upstream the Gordon Angling group finished their Rothes spell with a good week with six fish in total. Your humble correspondent managed two on Tuesday including this one which Mike Ewan estimated at sixteen pounds.

    Ian Henderson had an equally good day on Wednesday when he left Kinermony to have a day at Arndilly he caught two!

    Craigellachie had another, from Lower Slabs, and just upstream Lower Wester Elchies had their first of the season an eight pound fish. Laggan had another but I have no details other than it came from the Bridge Pool. Ballindalloch started their letting season and both beats have at least one fish. I did hear rumours of a fish from the Avon but I have had no confirmation.I have just been informed that Grantown have had their first of the season, a thirteen pound salmon caught by Mr Stewart from the Lurg Pool, the fish was caught on a fly and duly returned.

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  • Week Commencing 7th March 2011

    It has been a much more wintery week than of late, both Wednesday and Thursday were very windy and the strong downstream wind made casting difficult and unpleasant. Saturday brought the return of the snow.

    This afternoon as I write this it is still snowing, horrible wet stuff. I am not at all sure what the coming week will bring it really depends how quickly all the snow melts. The river level looks stable this afternoon. The forecast is for more rain but with a frost at night so hopefully the thaw will be slow. The tides are building all week with the biggest tide on Saturday.

    I received news from Dave Duncan at Gordon Castle and he tells me there have been five fish from the Brae Beats even though they are only being lightly fished. He also sent me a picture of Ian Tennant releasing Richard Maplethorp’s fish estimated at 16lb from his beat.

    Delfur had a reasonable week again with three fish; Liza O Brien had this one on Monday from Beaufort.

    Christian Ward-Thomas had this one from Broom.

    Upstream the Gordon Angling group had three from Rothes, members Kevin James and Tony Smith had fish on Tuesday and Wednesday and Guest Michael Ritchie had this fish on Saturday.

    I hear that the Aberlour Angling Association have had their first fish of the season.  Across the River Wester Elchies got another on Thursday when current world Speycasting Champion Andrew Toft caught an 8lber from the Brock. I have also heard of a fish from Castle Grant but I have no more information.

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  • Week Commencing 28th February 2011

    It has been another productive week on Speyside with a few more beats getting their 2011 season underway. The weather has been pleasantly mild with the nights being cold enough to keep the snow melt in check. The forecast appears to be settled for the next few days with a possibility of rain on Thursday. I would expect the river to remain steady with about a foot on the gauge. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water this week.

    I heard yesterday that the Brae beats have already had a few fish. Blair Banks tells me he has had two from his beat with at least another lost and I hear that Ian Tennant had the first towards the end of last week apparently this is the earliest fish have been caught since 2005.  He sent me this picture of Richard Mapleford returning his fish.

    Delfur had a four fish including this one on Saturday again from Holland Bush. This fish was caught by Andrew Elcock and it was his first ever salmon, a great way to start.

    Rothes started the week well with Bill Goodlad getting another fish from Creachie but the rest of the week was disappointing.

    Dougie Ross took advantage of a quiet day to catch Craigellachie’s first of the season. Wester Elchies managed three with Moira McColgan getting her first salmon from the Brock. I hear that Delagyle had another couple.

    Upstream Ian Boathwick got Carron’s season underway with a fish from the Bothy.

    On Saturday Mike Woodhouse caught Laggan’s first. I have not heard of any fish from further upstream but will be delighted to be proved wrong.

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  • Week Commencing 21st February 2011

    It has been a mixed week on Speyside, the river levels have been changeable with the mild temperatures leading to some snow melt and rises in the river levels and as usual this has suited some beats more than others. Frosty nights have helped keep the rises under some control. Looking at the River Levels page the diurnal effect can plainly be seen.

    Some of the beats above Craigellachie have now had their first fish of the season. On Wednesday MacAllan Beat had one from the Green Bank. Kinermony also got underway with a fish from the Boat Pool, over the water John Steele had Wester Elchies first fish. I hear that Delagyle had another following on the one on opening day. I have not heard of any fish above Wester Elchies/ Delagyle but know that the fishing effort is not great.

    Back downstream I understand Orton have now had five fresh fish. The high water did not suit Delfur but the dropping levels should suit next week. Rothes had a good week with three fish for the Gordon Angling Group and their guests. On Wednesday Michael Ritchie had a sealiced salmon from Town Road.

    Then on Thursday Bob Hughes got one from Creachie and Bill Goodlad another from Junction.

    The weather for next week is to be warm and dry with frosts at night. This should keep the river at a nice fishing height for early March and hopefully the building tides will encourage a few more fish to run.

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  • Week Commencing 14th February 2011

    There have been a few fish caught this week, all the beats below Craigellachie have now opened there 2011 accounts.

    Mrs Anne Cameron from Inverness had an excellent day at Delfur on Wednesday with two fish from Holland Bush, looking at the other rivers websites, on Wednesday Anne was probably the most successful salmon angler in Britain!

    On Thursday local Taxi owner Willie Roy had another from the same pool.  It was not till Saturday when Rothes got its first fish, modesty ought to forbid me naming the angler, but it was your faithful correspondent. A nice fish of about 10lbs from Junction.

    I understand the beat above had their first on Friday. Easter Elchies had the only fish from the river last Saturday. Upper Arndilly is the top beat with at least six.

    As usual at this time of year I will put up a couple of pictures to help inexperienced anglers to distinguish between fresh fish and kelts.

    This year there seems to be a few more baggots and rawners about so I have included a picture of a baggot and a rawner.

    Some salmon have been tagged by the fishery board, all the fish from the hatchery have been tagged with yellow floy tags and around thirty salmon from the Spey Dam area have been tagged with white floy tags. Please note the number and colour of the tag, and inform Steve or Bob at the fishery board. There is a small reward of a miniature of

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  • Week Commencing 11th February 2011

    Despite the gloomy weather forecast Friday started cold and bright.

    Brian Doran spoke on behalf of the anglers and thanked Ishbel Grant, Glenfarclas and Marjorie Walker, Walkers Shortbread, for their continued sponsorship of the opening day ceremony and donation of the prizes. The river was blessed by the Rev Shuna Dicks, Minister for Craigellachie and Aberlour. Finally to the accompaniment of Piper Alan Sinclair, Ishbel Grant poured a bottle of Glenfarclas into the river Spey.

    There were at least four salmon caught on opening day. The first and winner of the Spey Quaich was caught by Evelyn Glass of Phones Estate fishing at Orton. The biggest was caught by David Smilley fishing at Delagyle. Mike Clark landed a third at Upper Arndilly.

    Photos from Jock Royan

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