Week ending April 4th 2010

I’m beginning to get repetitive but it has been a difficult week on Speyside! Monday was fine but conditions changed dramatically on Tuesday, Aberlour had about 18” of snow in 24 hours and the A95, A96 and the A9 were all blocked, there was an unconfirmed rumour that the A9 was blocked by a Delfur boat but I cannot really get to the bottom of this story.

Some of the side roads remained blocked for the rest of the week. The river was unfishable on Wednesday because of the frazil; the river looked as though there had been a giant snowball fight somewhere upstream. By Thursday things had settled down a bit but even getting to the beats could sometimes be a bit tricky. On Tuesday the sand martins returned after wintering in Africa, I cannot imagine what they thought after flying 6000 miles to be confronted with a blizzard, poor wee things.

Delfur managed 2 including this cracker from the tail of Sourden.

The fish was hooked by Neal Cameron in the tail of Sourden and netted by gillie Davey Mackintosh.Rothes also had 2 but they also had a superb 7lb seatrout. Both Craigellechie and Wester Elchies started the week well with a fish each on Monday but the snow seemed to make the fishing difficult, certainly the banks were very slippery making fishing quite dangerous.

Laggan managed 2 both caught by Chris Bedford-Russell and strangely both from the Bothy, the bank repair must have made a new lie that only the Laggan rods can find. Carron had another blank week.

Hopefully things will pick up this week as long as all the snow which fell melts slowly. I think however that there will be some days lost next week to high water. I hope that the slightly warmer water coupled with building tides will encourage more fish to enter the system.




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