Week ending April 17th 2010

Well at last for the first time this season we have managed to fish all six days this week.  The river was slightly on the high side but it suited some beats more than others. The diurnal effect was quite noticeable especially at Kinrara see http://www.sepa.org.uk/water/river_levels/river_level_data.aspx?id=234257

Temperatures remained high for April most of the week and some days it was very pleasant to fish in shirt sleeves and wellington boots. By Saturday temperatures started to drop and there was snow in the hills on Saturday night.

Catches reflected the increased, normal, fishing effort. David Wood’s party at Delfur managed 8 salmon and quite unusually 3 decent seatrout. Just upstream, at Rothes the fish did not seem to be stopping but through hard work two fish were landed at the end of the week. Dougie Ross at Craigellachie was slightly happier with his seven for the week though I think he would still like a few more. Kinermony eventually caught on in the Boat Pool a nice fish around 10lbs which fell to a Collie Dog fished by Mr. Graham Ritchie of Fraserburgh. Wester Elchies managed 2 on Wednesday one hooked just before lunch on Wednesday and estimated at 18lbs. Carron had 2, this one I caught having a cast with Mr. Alan William’s rod, sometimes a week can seem a long time when someone is not speaking to you! Dorothy Wickson got the other on Tuesday just above the bridge. Laggan had a strange week with nothing till Saturday afternoon when one was caught and another lost in the space of half an hour. Mr. Wills’ party fishing Phones had a couple and I hear fish were caught on the beats al the way up to Grantown although details are sketchy, if anyone has any more information please email me on malcolm@speygillie.co.uk .

Next week could be interesting; the local forecast will be overshadowed by events in Iceland. Already I am hearing of fishing party numbers being curtailed as members cannot get here from abroad and other people are having to make the long drive North rather than the usual hop on an aircraft. For those who manage to get to Speyside I would suggest that the river will remain on the high side with water temperatures around the 40 mark. I would suggest an intermediate with a Willie Gunn tube will suffice but the gillies will keep everyone right.

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