Week Ending 31st July 2010

Once again it has been a good week on Speyside; most beats have been getting good catches of grilse with the odd better sized fish just to spice things up. The showers on Saturday afternoon arrived as forecast and were particularly heavy, around four-o-clock getting into the Coop in Aberlour required Wellington boots as the drains were unable to cope with the deluge. This of course was not unexpected as it was Dufftown Games day, and as everyone knows it always pours with rain on Dufftown Games day. Next weeks forecast is for rain showers at the start of the week and sunshine later. Tidal wise there is no new water till the weekend.

Catches, as I said earlier there were plenty of grilse on the go, Delfur finished the week with fifty-eight mainly grilse but with some better sized fish earlier in the week.

Rothes finished in the mid thirties with the end of the being quiet. Craigellachie had another good week with 27 again the start of the week being better than the end. Wester Elchies had the best week of the season with thirty fish landed the majority coming from the top off the beat.  Carron had a reasonable week nudging into the mid-teens. I heard that the Knockando fishers were having some success using quite large Green Highlander tubes, you can never tell with grilse.

Some of the grilse being caught have the Red Vent Syndrome which is caused by the Anisakis Larvae, remember that it can be passed to humans unless the fish are frozen for 24 hours or cooked for at least one minute at 60 C.

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