Week Ending 30th May 2010

Guess what? It has been another difficult week on Speyside!  Again some beats are picking away whilst beats very close are struggling it just seems to be a matter of luck whether the fish and the anglers bump into each other. This week the heavy rain came on Saturday night with almost an inch falling overnight, today the river has risen over two feet and is sitting close to the three foot mark. There is a little colour; I would best describe it as the colour of a Speyside malt matured in a Sherry cask.

Hopefully this rise in the river coupled with some warmer and more settled weather should encourage some more fish to run. The tides are at their largest at the start of the week so this should help as well. I will stick my neck out and predict that the run will show a definite improvement this week.

Last week Delfur did better than of late ending up just short of double figures. The fish again seemed to be stopping at Rothes and they were in the mid teens.  I even managed to catch one myself fishing at Inverfiddich.  Craigellachie had six, with Wednesday being the best day of the week with four landed and as many lost. Dougie was telling me about a big fish which was hooked in the Bridge Pool and was played for almost half an hour, Dougie was standing by with the net and the fish was just feet away when it saw the net, shook its head and broke the cast, disaster!! Wester Elchies ended up with seven landed, it could have been double this if James Carr was not so keen on his long distance releases. Over the water the French party landed 5 at Kinermony. Laggan had four, the best at 14lbs, whilst Carron had five including one which was measured at 25” and estimated to be around 22lbs.  The low water has not suited Grantown but I would expect them to start next week with a bang.

I’m short of photos this week with only this one of David Somerville with a fish from the Fiddochmouth. Can I please ask anyone with an interesting photo or story to email me at malcolm@speygillie.co.uk .

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