Week Ending 2nd May 2010

Again it has not been an easy week on Speyside, and again some beats fished well whilst others struggled.  The water levels were on the high side which suits some beats more than others. Water temperatures were around the mid-forties but dropped to the low forties on Saturday, ironically the 1st of May. Today the frost alarm is still showing on my car. The daffodils are still out and there are plenty of trees still not showing leaves, but hopefully spring is not too far away.

I heard that the Brae beats were beginning to get a few fish which is encouraging. Delfur struggled but the high water does not really suit them, Mark told me he was seeing plenty of fish, and they had a few encounters but overall the catches were disappointing. Rothes did better with I believe about 8 fish landed.  Craigellachie had a patchy week but finished with 2 on Saturday, four for the week. Aberlour Angling Association had had ten by Friday. Kinermony had 5 by that time as well. Wester Elchies started the week poorly but managed three by Saturday. Across the river Delagyle had only 2 but with one weighing 28lbs and the other 22lbs someone must have been happy.  An experienced team had Carron’s best week of the season with eight. Including this one with gillie Ian Borthwick about to return it to the Carron Pool.

Across the water Laggan managed four with Pru Herd out fishing her husband Charlie yet again. Pru had the best fish of the week from the Bothy Pool. The higher water did not suit Knockando but Andrew Dennis managed to land one from Lower Pitcroy on Friday. Upstream I hear most of the beats were catching small numbers of sealiced fish showing just how hard they are running. I still struggle to get information from this part of the river; I would be grateful if someone could give me more information to malcolm@speygiillie.co.uk .

Alan Williams, Chairman of the Spey Board, has asked me to include the following in this Weeks Fishing Report.

Fortunately this week a few more fish have been caught  than in the previous two which themselves were the first weeks  that serious fishing could be undertaken on the river. However it is already clear that we are not experiencing a strong run of two Sea Winter Fish which are so important for spawning later on in the year since so many of them are female. This follows on the poor Grilse numbers of last year and the situation for both years is one which is reflected in other Rivers in Scotland. The Board has a Conservation Policy which is well respected by Anglers and Ghillies alike to the extent that in 2009 77 per cent of all fish that were caught were released. It is obviously even more important in a year in which returning fish are scarcer that as many as possible are released to spawn and I urge everybody to show the maximum possible restraint and to allow the River to produce the optimum number of Smolts which will for the most part go to sea in the Spring of 2013.

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