2010 Season: Week ending 28th February.

Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, these should save me a bit of typing.

As can be seen the river has been virtually unfishable this week, Saturday was probably the first day sane people would have tried to fish! I hear that Ernie Rodgers had an 11lb fish from Junction Pool at Rothes, stand-in gillie Mike Latey was at hand to net it.

I have not heard of any more fish caught but please correct me at malcolm@speygillie.co.uk

Hopefully the grue and ice have now finished, after all March 1st is meteorologically the start of spring. The river remains low, summer levels, but is still very cold. I would suggest tactics of deep and slow and hope that you bump into a fresh fish.
I thought it might be useful to put up a few pictures of kelts and springers to try to help anglers tell them apart.

above is a kelt, the tell tale signs of a soft body and the head appears too big for the body.

Below a fresh fish, certainly no doubt.


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