Week ending 18th July 2010

Well at long last it has been a reasonable week on Speyside, it is rumoured that some gillies were even smiling, I hope it continues. The forecast predicts more heavy rain, but I’m starting to take this weather forecasting business with a large pinch of salt. The tides have peaked and there will be no more new water till next week.

Catches, I’ll start this week with Craigellachie as it appears to be the top beat on the river with thirty three fish, of which thirteen were caught on Friday! I understand there was roughly a fifty percent split between salmon and grilse.

Downstream again Delfur were close behind with almost thirty fish, again Mark tells me the split was almost 50/50. Things might have been better had not most of Thursday been lost to turbidity.  Just upstream Rothes managed into the high teens. Another beat which seemed to be fishing well was Kinermony which had the best week of their season with close to twenty by Friday night. Across the water Wester Elchies could only manage seven.

Upstream Carron struggled at the start of the week with just a fish a day; it was not till I left on Saturday that the fish arrived with seven taking the total to twelve, I understand than Laggan had maybe a couple more.

Josh Walker was the star at Ballindalloch catching at least 50% of the catch. I also heard an even younger lad was doing well at Knockando but I have no more details. If anyone has any more stories or pictures, please email me at malcolm@speygillie.co.uk Next weeks report will be late as I’m attending the CLA Gamefair.

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