Week ending 12th September 2010

It has been another week of fluctuating water levels and days lost because of turbidity. Rain on Tuesday to the south of the catchment pushed the river up a couple of feet but below where the Avon comes in the river was the colour of cocoa.  Next weeks forecast is for some rain towards the start of the week with some of it heavy. At this time of year the trees are taking much less water and any rain will push the river up. The tides peaked this weekend so there will be no new water this coming week. With there being a lot of stale fish in the river it might prove productive to vary the tactics, the salmon have probably seen every variation of a size 10 Cascade and can probably tell who tied them.

Catches, I hear that the Brae and Castle Beats are catching around ten fish daily but have no accurate information, I wish the estates would keep me better informed. Delfur managed thirty five with a mixture of fresh fish and a few that have been in the river longer.

Upstream Rothes had close to twenty again a mixture of old and new. Craigellechie managed ten for their week and I notice they have already passed their five year average. Wester Elchies started the week well with three on Monday but Sam tells me they finished with only four for the week.  The Hosker party at Carron could only manage two but I always feel this is treated as a social week rather than a serious fishing party. I know I always go on about this at this time of year but  can I take this opportunity as we approach the end of the season to remind anglers to return all coloured fish, large red cock fish do not make good smoked salmon and are much better returned to the river to spawn and once again can I ask if anyone has any information or pictures please get in touch with me at malcolm@speygillie.co.uk

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