Week Commencing February 19th 2018

That is the second week of the season finished, things as in the rest of Scotland could best be described as slow. The Oystercatchers have arrived, always a positive sign, I noticed a pair at Delfur and the numbers are building on the meeting area beside the Long Pool at Arndilly.


The forecast for next week, is according to some of the popular media outlets, catastrophic, barely survivable, something akin to the previous ice age, watch out for the “Beast from the East”!

Monday on Speyside should be similar to today, bright and sunny, perhaps a little chilly but considering it is still February, not that extreme.

Things will get a little colder mid week with temperatures struggling to reach much above zero. My own feeling is most of the snow will be to the south of us, but I have been wrong in the past.

The tides are building all week.



As I allured to earlier, the catches are pretty slow, but the Spey always starts slowly.


Delfur had a fish on Saturday from the Bridge Pool.

Gillie, Jordan Henderson Dellfur


I hear Arndilly had a fish from Jock’s Tail on Thursday but have no more details.


Wester Elchies got their season underway on Friday when Ken McDonald had a fish from the Delagyle Pool.

Gillie, Sam Bremner, with Ken McDonald’s fish, Wester Elchies.


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  1. Peter Kyte at 4:50 pm

    Malcolm, do not be bashful, let the world know you caught the fish at Delfur!

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