Week Commencing August 1st 2011

It was another slightly frustrating week on Speyside, there are plenty of fish in the river but they are not that keen to play. Personally I think the river temperature has a lot to do with this, at 60f the salmon are not that comfortable as the amount of dissolved oxygen is greatly reduced. I predict that this will not be a problem over the next few days!

The Met office has issued a severe weather warning- Rain will continue through Sunday and the first half of Monday, before easing. Large totals will build up, 30-40 mm quite widely, and 50-60 mm in a few locations, notably north-facing up slopes. This may cause some localised flooding.

SEPA have also issued a flood alert for Findhorn, Nairn, Moray and Speyside- from 07-08-2011 11:13 to 08-08-2011 11:13

A spell of heavy and prolonged rain has affected much of the area through Saturday and into Sunday with over 30mm having been recorded in places. The rain is expected to continue throughout the day before clearing gradually overnight and into Monday.
Rivers and smaller watercourses in the areas that have been affected by the heaviest of the rain may respond and lead to some minor disruption.

I will see what the river does; as I write this the river has gone up some ten inches and has some turbidity. Tide wise there is no new water till Thursday then the tides start to build again, if this does not bring in some grilse, they probably are not coming.

Catches, as usual I’m only receiving reports from the usual beats, it is very disappointing and frustrating not to have lots of good news to spread worldwide about the Spey.

Delfur managed around the thirty mark. Mark says that there were plenty of grilse in amongst that total. He sent me this picture of Ola Smith in her favourite pool.

Upstream Rothes had a better week than of late with just short of twenty landed again almost fifty percent grilse but with the salmon just edging ahead. Both Craigellachie and Wester Elchies had disappointing weeks with only a handfull landed. Peter Austin of Roseisle was not at all disappointed when he landed this, his first ever salmon from Pol Shuan Wester Elchies.

Carron managed seven mostly again the majority salmon but just. I managed to get a few photos, if no one else will send me them I have to do the job myself!

I heard that the beats above the Avon were having some good sport with good numbers of grilse being landed. Grantown was again disappointing but I predict that this lift in the water will make it one of the best beats on the river.

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