Week Commencing April 24th 2017.

Last week’s weather forecast was not too far off the mark, though the predicted precipitation fell mostly as snow rather than rain but the overall effect was the same. The river rose and was virtually unfishable on Thursday afternoon and not much good on Friday morning. The levels have held up but it is now dropping and clearing. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till next weekend. Next week temperatures will be more or less back to normal, sitting around the mid teens. It might feel a bit cooler with the wind having some East in it all week. The wind will be strongest on Monday. There is no rain forecast all week.


Although some house martens have been seen in the valley my ones have yet to arrive at the house. I heard reports of a cuckoo but have not heard them yet myself. My blue tits are still nest building and no signs of any eggs yet.


Catches. As I suggested earlier this weeks catches were affected by the high coloured river later in the week but the earlier days certainly separated the men from the boys, fishing in driving snow in a strong northerly wind is not for everyone!

Gordon Castle finished with around a dozen. Alex Robertson had the best with a fish estimated at 23 lbs on Saturday from Beat 4. Thanks again to Ian Tennant and his team for the pictures.

Richard Kew  Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle

Alex Robertson Gordon Castle.

Orton had a quieter week than of late with around seven landed.

Delfur finished close to a dozen, thanks to Mark and Grant for keeping me supplied with pictures.

Lord Hives Delfur

Hector Delfur

Grant Morrison’s fish Delfur

Fish Delfur.

Victor Grebennkov Delfur

Craigellachie finished the week strongly, like all middle river beats the rise in the river was a welcome sight.


Aberlour Angling Club enjoyed the lift in the water height and finished with three salmon and four seatrout. Many thanks to Ken Davies for keeping me informed.

Rob Morrison Aberlour Angling Club

Rob Again

Mathew Smith AA

Alexander Duthie AA.

Wester Elchies had at least three; Ron Sutherland sent me this photograph.

Ronald Sutherland Wester Elchies

Kinermony finished with eight, Davy Brand tells me most of them were caught later in the week and were showing signs of having tangled with marine predators!





Laggan finished with five; Charlie Herd tells me that the ladies were top landing four of the five.

Carron eventually landed three but it took a late effort on Saturday to put numbers in the book.

Ruth with Peter Hosker’s fish Carron

Alan Williams’ fish Carron.

Grantown struggled in the start of the week with the snow but things picked up later in the week finishing with at least four and as many seatrout, including a fish at 16lbs from MacLeod’s Pool. Regular visitor, Jimmy Gentleman, took a fish at 13lbs from Poll Clach.

Kinchurdy is now consistently landing fish, four this week, many thanks to Bobby Hall and Edwin Whyte for the pictures.

Edwin Whyte Kinchurdy.

Bobby Hall Kinchurdy.


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