Week Commencing 8th April.

The forecast for the coming week is mainly dry and warming up as the week progresses. The annoying easterly wind will also decrease. The tides are building all week. I would imagine the river level will drop away as the week progresses.


I was correct in my prediction last week and the sandpipers turned up. I also saw my first osprey and Lewis Webb from Gordon Castle tells me the resident pair have arrived.


There have been two tagged fish recaptured. Lionel Main Castle Grant  tells me that a fish caught on Castle Grant Beat 1 by Alan Skinner and tagged by Roddie on the 27thMarch. It was recaptured by Andrew Campbell on the 11thApril 500 yards from where it was first caught.


Later in the week Mark Camacho caught a fish from the Big Haddie at Delfur it was previously captured and tagged on Gordon Castle Beat 2 on April 1st.

Tagged fish caught at Delfur.


Gordon Castle Ian tells me they had our for the week all in the mid teens.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Orton was fished by Mattias Helde Fiskebloggan Team from Scandinavia. They fished Orton, Knockando and Wester Elchies finishing the week with five fish, three from Orton and one apiece from the other beats.

Leif Oyvind Solemsli Orton.

Stellan Kämpade Orton.


Delfur, Robert Jolly’s party ended the week with six. As usual thanks to Mark, Grant and his guests for the photographs.

Robert Jolly Delfur.

Robert’s daughter Teresa Jolly Delfur.

Raqui Campbell Hill Delfur.

Mark Camacho Delfur tagged fish.


Rothes, Robbie was good enough to send me this picture.

Jan Coy Rothes.


Arndilly, Euan tells me that Steven Lodge’s party finished with ten for the week. Steven had a fish from the long Pool, as did his son Joe, his first fish after 19 days fishing, he caught his second later in the week.Noel and Paul Hainey had half a dozen between them. Johnny Jowett caught his first mainstream fishing having previously had one from the Avon. Most of thefish were sea-lice and were also tagged.

Steven Lodge Arndilly.

Joe Lodge 1st fish Arndilly.

Noel Hainey Arndilly

Noel again Arndilly.

Johnny Jowett Arndilly.





Aberlour Angling Club had three salmon and visitor Paul Irvine landed a 9lb seatrout.

Rob Morrison Aberlour

Ian Morrison Aberlour.

Jim Seivwright’s fish Aberlour.


Kinermony also had a large seatrout estimated at 10lb and Willie Mair landed the only salmon of the week.

Willie Mair Kinermony.

Edwin Whyte Kinermony.

Wester Elchies had a couple.

Carron went one better with three landed.


Rory Paterson Carron.

I have little definite news from further up river but I believe Knockando landed a few fish as did Tulchan.

Stuart Voce tells me although conditions were excellent only one early seatrout was landed. There were plenty of hungry brown trout taking advantage of the hatches.

If you are fishing the Spey, or even other rivers, please keep an eye out for adult salmon bearing tags. The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Gillies are running a salmon tagging project to:
– Determine the re-capture rate of released salmon
– Provide information on the movements of rod caught salmon

Gillies along the river have been provided with tags, tagging equipment and training. Tagged fish could be recaptured anywhere in the river, even in other rivers, so we are asking all anglers to look out for fish carrying “Floy” tags next to the dorsal fin. Floy tags are vinyl coated, available in different colours and individually numbered.

What are we asking anglers to do if they catch a tagged fish?

-Take a note of the Floy tag colour and number (take good photo if possible)
– Carefully release the fish, with tag still in place
– Contact the Spey Fishery Board by Telephone number on tag or via the contact details below
– Anglers reporting a tagged fish will receive details of the fish including original tagging place and date, as well as any other information available
– A full report on the tagging study will be published at the end of the season, including details of all fish



There are 2 comments for this article
  1. Scott Rutherford at 3:38 pm

    recapturing has always interested me, I have wondered just how many fish are caught a couple of times on the big rivers and therefor add to the rivers overall catch, giving a false account of how many fish were actually caught. it will be interesting to see the results.

    • Bjørn Riise at 7:15 pm

      We have done research on this in many Norwegian rivers over time. In general the recapture rate is low. Og should be compareable to scottish rivers.

      There are several official research articles which are open for reading that document this.

      At times (like below a temperature barrier in high water) the recapture rate can be very high.

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