Week Commencing 9th September 2013

Another week of low water, the river rose a few inches on Saturday morning but soon settled back. It has started to rain today and some of the showers have been heavy, some of the burns coming into the top of the river are quite high what difference it will make to the bottom of the river is anyone’s guess. Personally I think it will turbidity rather than height which will restrict the fishing tomorrow. The change to cooler more autumnal weather seems to have brought some of the older fish back on the take and catches have risen on most beats. The forecast for the next 36 hours is for more rain the staying overcast till the end of the week when the rain will start again. The tides are building all week.

Catches: The Gordon Castle beats finished with over a hundred and thirty fish for the week, head gillie Ian Tennant says there was a mixture of fresh sea liced fish and some older fish that have come back on the take. Delfur also had an excellent week with their best week of the season. As usual Mark was kind enough to send me some photos of his happy anglers.

Nicholas Gaggero's 1st fish

Nicholas Gaggero’s 1st fish

Arthur Voelcker

Arthur Voelcker

James devas 16lb

James devas 16lb


Rothes had a better week than of late with almost twenty landed, Mike tells me that they were mainly older fish.

Wester Elchies also had a slightly better week with almost a fish a day. Alex Robertson was kind enough to send me these photos of his catch.

Alex Robertson Wester Elchies

Alex Robertson Wester Elchies

Another from Alec

Another from Alex

Alex's last salmon

Alex’s last salmon

Grantown also did better with over a dozen landed. They also had a six- pound seatrout.


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