Week Commencing 7th May.

Last weeks forecast again failed to predict Thursday’s windy conditions, when casting a fly was difficult at times. The coming week is pretty much of the same, though perhaps a little warmer. Today’s rain is the last forecast till next weekend, temperatures also are predicted to rise again as the week progresses. The tides are building till the weekend, hopefully the bigger tides will bring in some fish, there were very few last week.


On the nature front, I heard my first Cuckoo and saw numerous families of Mallards. My blue tit must have started laying just after I wrote last weeks report, she is now sitting on seven eggs, this will continue for close to a fortnight, she will be fed by her husband during this time.

Seven eggs this year.

Blue tit sitting.


Catches. There were some, but the top of the river was certainly more prolific than the bottom.

Gordon Castle had a couple, nice picture of guest and gillie working together.

Nick Girling Brae 4.

I hear Orton and Rothes also had a couple.

Arndilly had half a dozen with Mr Adrian Cawood the top rod with four!

The middle river was hard going, Wester Elchies, the best with three landed.

Ballindalloch had around half a dozen, thanks to Steve Brand for the picture.

Mrs Cordery Junction Ballindalloch.

I was pleased to hear from Lionel Main who told me they started the week well; Beat 2 had a great start with Stephen and Brenda Howard landing an eight pound salmon Dr Chris Austin landed a magnificent 20.5lb.

Brenda Howard Castle Grant 2.

Dr Chris Austin Castle Grant 2.


Jouni Rauha was hosting a party on Castle Grant, 1& 3, as well as sending me some great photos he told me they were having a great time.

Pertti Kaira Castle Grant.

Pertti Kaira’s fish.

Matti Villikka Castle Grant

Lasse Oittinen Castle Grant.

Lasse Oittinen, Castle Grant.

This fish appears to be a fin-clipped fish.

My Grantown correspondent is on holiday but I hear they have had at least five.

Stuart Voce, secretary from Abernethy sent me this,

After over fifty years our old fishing hut, bless her, on the Nethy pool had seen better days and had to go. Construction of our new hut went ahead earlier this month. Seen in the picture is our contractor Arthur Brandy and ‘ helper’ Gary Grant, our ever hard working bailiff. I got the ‘ best!! job ( I dont think) on the wheelbarrow, moving 18 barrow loads of contract from the car park to site. I think my arms are now 2 inches longer!!!.

Turning to the fishing, the week started well again for Johnnie Gordon who two salmon at  8lb & 6lb, again on his beloved payo lure. The same evening I struck into a fish, which proceeded to head, back to the sea, stripping of all of my line back to the reel and kept going!! Fish lost but what an experience!  The strongest fish I have experienced. Went back the following day and managed to recover the line with a spinner but no fish.

Later in the week Johnnie Gordon lost a similar fish.

The river dropped during the week and fishing, together with the wind became difficult but fish were seen as well as a number of sea trout .

Members have been noticeable by their absence. Perhaps with a bit more water next week we can see them on the river.

Hut building at Abernethy.



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  1. Dinty leach at 7:49 pm

    In some of your reports you mention the high tides. For those of who should be up in the next two months, where can we find dates of high tides? It could give us hope or prepare our excuses….

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