Week Commencing 7th May 2012

It has been a funny sort of year, the months of May and March seem to have been swapped over, this week we had rain, snow and hail again certainly not like the second week of May. The temperatures for next week are struggling to reach double figures. There is some heavy rain forecast for the start of the week. The rain today in the west of the catchment might push the river up anyway. The tides are building all week so hopefully some more fish might be encouraged to run the river. Hopefully the strong winds of today will fall away overnight.


Graham ritchie

Graham ritchie

I sometimes wonder why I bother trying to write a weekly report. People just seem to try to keep information from me. Rumours have been circulating of a thirty-two pound fish caught and released from Castle Grant last week. I got this information, not from the lucky angler, nor the gillie not even from the estate office, but from an oil rig in the middle of the North Sea. Sometimes Speyside is a strange place. Anyway, I have been told that the Brae / Gordon Castle beats have caught around thirty fish again this week. Again Graham Ritchie was amongst the fish, both at Gordon Castle and Beat five, as usual Graham sends me a photo.

Delfur managed twenty-one with some fine fish amongst them Mark Camacho and Kevin Fryers.

Rothes had a disappointing week with only four. I fished a beat below the Fiddich and managed this fine fish.

Wester Elchies managed four as well, following the usual formulae with fish at the start and the end of the week, the catch should have been much better with at least four lost on Friday. A strong team of Norwegians managed five at Carron, Endre Grande pictured here with his first Spey salmon.

Duffer Dog

Duffer Dog

Information from above Carron is almost nonexistent till Grantown. Grantown almost got into double figures and there is a strong rumour of a twenty-nine inch seatrout released.

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