Week Commencing 7th March 2016

The forecast last week was accurate till the end of the week when we seemed to get more rain than forecast. The continental high seemed to lose its strength allowing the Atlantic lows to drift across the country. The effect of the rain coupled with warm temperatures was inevitably a rise in the river. Saturday was effectively a write-off. Although the river is falling and clearing, today’s temperatures in double figures will probably keep the melt going.

Next week the temperatures remain unseasonably warm with most days reaching double figures. Winds will be light and there is little rain forecast till the weekend.

The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till Friday.

I predict that this large slug of warm water will spread the fish throughout the system and I will not be surprised if the first fish of their season comes from the Grantown area this week.


Catches, I have not heard of anything below Boat O Brig, but there might have been.

Delfur had four this week; Allan Rennie was involved with three of them, his first was from Broom on Tuesday morning, his second from Hollenbush in the afternoon. On Wednesday he allowed Rory to have a go and Allan was soon required to net a fish. Bit like buses, fish for days then three come along at once. Graham Ritchie caught the fourth, at 5 o-clock on Thursday evening, does he ever give up?

Alan's first fish broom delfur

Allan’s first fish Broom Delfur

Grant with Alan Rennie's Fish Hollenbush Delfur

Grant with Allan Rennie’s Fish Hollenbush Delfur

Rory Paterson Collie Delfur

Rory Paterson Collie Delfur.

Graham Ritchie's Fish Delfur.

Graham Ritchie’s Fish Delfur.

Rothes had one; Bill Goodlad caught this nice sea liced fish from the Long Pool.

Bill Goodlad's fish Long Pool Rothes

Bill Goodlad’s fish Long Pool Rothes

I hear that Arndilly also had a fish from the Whitehorse on Wednesday but have no other information.

I also heard of a couple more from the Beats below Craigellachie Bridge.

I am also pleased to say that I heard Sandy McWilliam had the first fish from the Aberlour Association Water, a 6lb fish from the Creepie on Wednesday.

I understand that Delagyle have had another but this is unconfirmed.


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  1. Allan Sinclair at 6:01 pm

    Delagyle did get a fish, was caught by myself, Allan Sinclair , l play the pipes on the opening day at the Spey.

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