Week Commencing 7th July 2014

Another week where we have had rain and the river rises a little but soon falls back, the ground is very dry and we really have not had a good soaking since last year. I see there is about half an inch of rain forecast for Monday but the rest of the week is going to be hot and sunny so I think any rise will be again very short lived. The tides peak tomorrow Monday and there will be no new water till next week.

Catches: There were a few! Gordon Castle had around a dozen, Delfur were into the mid-teens thanks again to Mark and Grant for the photographs it brightens up a pretty dull report.

Mr Nicky Mountain Beaufort Delfur.

Mr Nicky Mountain Beaufort Delfur.

Lady Whitbread Sourden.

Lady Whitbread Sourden.

Lady Whitbread's fish Beaufort.

Lady Whitbread’s fish Beaufort.

Rothes averaged a fish a day, Mike tells me “its hard going”. Craigellachie and Wester Elchies were about the same. Carron had their best week of the season almost getting to double figures, when I spoke to Ian Borthwick he told me they had five on Tuesday and was hoping to make double figures by Saturday evening. Grantown are continuing to catch plenty of seatrout but as usual are needing a good lift in the water height to help the salmon fishing.

Authored by: Malcolm Newbould

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