Week Commencing 7th September.

There has been some rain over the last 24 hours but certainly not as much as some were predicting. Most of the rain seems to have fallen in the Western part of the catchment. The middle river is slowly rising, but  certainly nothing spectacular. The forecast for the rest of the week is some sunshine and warmer than average.

The tides are building all week.


Catches, as we approach the season ends the catches are dropping off.

Fiona Brodie Carron.

Neil Borthwick Carron.


Thanks to Neil and Fiona for a couple of pictures.


For those interested in Mycology I have taken a picture of the underside of what  Olivier Devictor tells me is a lepiote or a common parasol, I’m still not brave or stupid enough to eat wild mushrooms, I have always found supermarkets have so many they sell them.

Lepiote or a common parasol ??



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  1. Olivier Devictor at 9:21 pm

    Yes Malcolm it is a Lepiote. The stem has a ring which can slide alongside it .
    When quite fresh and not yet like a parasol you can eat them raw like small pink field mushrooms.
    The internet will give you some good recipes. Do not eat the stem. I picked up a few lepiotes two days ago on Wimbledon Common cooked them ate them and I am still alive.
    Take care

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