Week Commencing 5th May 2014

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Another trying week, with few fish caught. The promised rain did actually materialise and the river rose, but was very ‘black” on towards the end of the week which as most Spey anglers know does not encourage the fish to take. Hopefully now this acidic episode has past the fish will show more interest and start to take more readily. Monday is forecast to be bright and sunny with some more rain showers for Tuesday. After that conditions look perfect for salmon fishing. The tides are building all week, and I hope this coupled with the rise in water will bring a few more fresh fish into the system.

Catches, as I mentioned before there were not that many. Gordon Castle beats had a handful. Delfur perhaps a couple more. Mike Euan tells me they had five and I have not heard of many beats with more. Craigellachie started the week on a positive note with Mark Cassley getting this fish from the Lower Slabs.

Mark Cassley Lower Slabs Craigellachie.

Mark Cassley Lower Slabs Craigellachie.

Wester Elchies managed three with Tay Board Chairman Bill Jack landing the lion’s share. Kinermony and Delagyle had a similar number. The Norwegian party fishing Carron and Phones also had three and have promised me some media when they return home. Grantown again is only being lightly fished but are continuing to catch fish.

At least when I do not receive many pictures it does not take me long to do my report, on the other hand I would be happy to work away to see more happy smiling faces!



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  1. olivier Devictor at 1:53 pm

    I love your optimism and will be keen to read your report next Sunday as you hope that a settled river and a kind weather will produce more fish than lately. Fishing last week was trying as you say but we fear that there were not many fish in the system and that would apply to other Scottish rivers it seems.
    All the best

  2. David Turtle at 12:01 am

    I am afraid, Mr Grant, that some beats are very “cagey” about what success or otherwise they have had during the previous week, even to the extent of not wanting their beat names to be mentioned. Malcolm, therefore, can only go on what is reported by the gillies or, perhaps more comprehensively, the individuals who fished the beat and can supply photographs.


  3. Nick Warren at 4:11 pm

    Thanks very much for the weekly reports with my trip to the Spey still 3 weeks away it helps build the excitement. Keep up the good work Malcolm it is appreciated

  4. h grant at 1:41 pm

    Can you please give actual numbers of fish caught as opposed to grey information ie a hand full of fish,a few fish,perhaps a couple more [perhaps a couple less] etc. I realise things are in a bad way and all of our rivers are not anything like what they were thirty or forty years ago, this season especially so far, lets hope this will change, but if the exact numbers of fish caught are not reported to the general fishing community, then we may be in danger of deluding ourselves that is if we are not already doing so.This is just a small point no criticism intended

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 1:48 pm

      If I get the information, I will be able to pass it on, in the mean time you will have to make do with a few grey bits.

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