Week Commencing 5th June 2017.

The trouble with writing a weekly report is that if something exciting happens mid week it is somewhat old news by Sunday. Anyway I will put up a few pictures that have not already been seen on Facebook.

Graph of the mid week rise.

High Water.

Keeping the boat safe.

Mess for the gillies to deal with.

Back down

The rain that was forecast certainly arrived with a little more! To try and explain it better, during May the catchment had a rainfall of around 2 inches. On Tuesday and Wednesday the rainfall was a touch under 4 inches. There is a little rain forecast for today (Sunday) and tomorrow but from Tuesday onwards the weather will be warm and sunny. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water all week.



The week was effectively reduced to four and a half days, as the river was certainly unfishable on Wednesday and possibly Thursday morning.

Gordon Castle finished with almost thirty, as usual thanks to Ian Tennant and his team for news and pictures.

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Another from Gordon Castle.

I understand that Orton finished the week in the high teens.

Natalie Rodwell her first fish Orton.

And her second!

Delfur finished in the mid twenties, other anglers caught fish but Mr. Wilson Phillips seemed to have hogged the limelight.

Gregoire Devictor Delfur.

Wilson Phillips Delfur

Wilson Phillips Delfur again

Wilson Phillips Delfur and again.

Wilson Phillips Delfur for the last time!


Alan Williams team fish both Rothes and Carron, they finished with eleven at Rothes.

David Williams Rothes.

Craigellachie had a few fish and I am grateful to the “other” Douglas Ross for his pictures.

Danny Mcguigan Craigellachie

Mark Nesbitt Craigellachie.

Kenneth Neale Craigellachie.

Aberlour Angling Club finished in the high teens, many thanks to Ken Davies for keeping me in the loop.

Ken Davies Aberlour.

Steve Milne Aberlour.

Jim Seivright Aberlour

Kinermony were close to double figures.

Wester Elchies had a good week with sixteen landed and plenty more lost.

Carron ended up in the mid twenties,

Scott Mackenzie Carron

Alan Williams’ fish Carron.

Jan with another Alan Williams’ fish Carron.

I hear that Laggan angler Mr. John Oakes had this fin-clipped fish on Thursday morning, a chance to remind everyone to keep checking.

Fin clipped.

Fin Clipped

Grantown fished well not only with salmon but also plenty of seatrout including some into double figures.

John Gray Grantown

Kinchurdy again had a good week, with five salmon and nine seatrout, many thanks to Bobby hall for the picture and update.

Sue Wall Kinchurdy.

My blue tits did not enjoy the wet weather as much as the anglers, there was two deaths at the start of the week, I assume lack of caterpillars.
The remaining five are doing well, a couple of which are almost as big as the parents and should be fledging soon.

Blue tits



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  1. David Wright at 9:24 pm

    Great report Malcolm thank you! Glad to see top quality fish coming right up and down the river.
    Amazing how the Spey rises and falls..

  2. Anthony Tinsley at 10:10 pm

    Do blue tits play well on a fishing rod?

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