Week Commencing 4th March 2019

There was a distinct change in the weather as we came into March, definitely colder, a good 10C cooler than the week before.  Next week remains the same; temperatures around 6C, there might be a little rain mid week. It will be windy most of the week, back to the usual March conditions.

The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till next week.


Catches, a much poorer week than last week.

Delfur had a fish on Tuesday.

Bob Edwards Delfur

Arndilly also had one around the 18lb mark.

Kinermony Clive Murray had their only fish of the week.

Delagyle have had a few fish including a very large fish caught by Piper Allan Sinclair , but I have been given no more details.

Carron Gillie, Ian Borthwick got the season underway with a 8lb fish from Sands on Friday.

Gillie Ian Borthwick’s fish Carron.

As I mentioned last week some of the gillies on the river are tagging salmon in a study to look at the fish recapture rates and distribution.

Grant Morrison sent me these pictures of a fish he tagged, please keep your eyes open for tagged fish.

Tagged Fish Delfur.

Close up of tag.

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  1. Mark Hewett at 6:16 pm

    Re tagged fish, what are you supposed to do with the if perchance you happen to catch one?

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 7:18 pm

      Mark, Good question.
      If you had read last week’s report I explained the procedure there.

      Brian Shaw has asked me to tell anglers about the Floy Tagging Project which is about to start on the river.Beats are being issued with white “Floy” tags, each of which has a unique number. Anglers catching a tagged fish are asked to note and/or photograph the tag number before releasing the fish, the tag should not be removed. Details of thefish, tag number and capture location should be forwarded to the SFB.

      I will update my reports every second week or so,

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