Week Commencing 4th March 2013

Although Spring began last week it did not feel very spring like down on the river. A cold strong east wind made exposed pools very unpleasant for the angler and I was reminded of the old saying, “when the wind is in the east the fish bite least” not sure if it is based on any scientific fact but it appeared true. The forecast for the coming week is more wintery weather with the wind chill making it feel even colder than the temperatures would suggest, there is some snow forecast as well. The tides are building most of the week and peak on Thursday night.
Catches: I have only heard of another one coming from Orton but that might be more that I do not always hear from them. Delfur had another on Monday when Don Milne had another from Collie, his fishing technique is better than his photography, another headless gillie.

Don Milne's fish Collie

Don Milne’s fish Collie

Rothes managed a couple Bill Lasseter getting another, for a new member of the Gordon Group he is certainly showing up the old hands, he was joined by another new member, Michael Ritchie on Saturday, who had one from the Long Pool. The beat above had at least one as Brae retired head gillie Colin Reid had success in Gilmores. The beat below Craigellachie also had success on Wednesday when Ness-side gillie Ryan Rutherford managed this one from Fiddich Mouth.

Ryan Rutherford assisted by Ian Kelly

Ryan Rutherford assisted by Ian Kelly

Back it goes.

Back it goes.

Wester Elchies had their second fish of the season when Brian Herbie took a day’s fishing at short notice and was rewarded with a fine fish from the Rhynd. I have no news from further upstream.

Brian Herbie's fish from Wester Elchies

Brian Herbie’s fish from Wester Elchies

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  1. charlie de vere at 3:55 pm

    surely its the wind from the east is no good for man nor beast ?

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