Week Commencing 4th June 2012

As some of the more observant of you will have noticed the website has changed, not only at the front but also at the back so I hope this report appears as it should. I am reliably informed that it should be easier to use up to this point I am yet to be convinced!

There appears to be some fish about but not in any great numbers, if you happen to be in the right place at the right time you can have good sport, the trick is finding the right place! The weather forecast was about right, and the small amounts of rain kept the river topped up. The forecast for next week is bright at the start of the week but becoming overcast later in the week with a possibility of rain at the weekend.  The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till the weekend. On the disease front, things have quietened down and speaking to the gillies I hear that most of the fresh fish seem to be clear and the numbers of moribund fish also seem to be declining, good news all round.

Charles McPherson

Charles McPherson

I have heard a couple of interesting tales from up and down the river. An angler fishing at Laggan slipped and dropped his rod, the gillie and the rest of the party searched the river to no avail but a few days later the rod turned up at Kinermony and soon the angler and rod were reunited. I also heard a tail of lost tackle from the Brae Beats where a fish swam off with an angler’s line; I have not yet discovered whether it was a particularly large fish or a particularly poor knot!

Rick Perry and his first ever salmon

Catches. Things have quietened down a little at the Brae but with the water dropping the Quarry is starting to pick up some fresh fish and a total of almost twenty fish is not too bad.  Delfur just missed to get twenty fish this week as usual Mark has sent me some photos, the web designer tells me I should not be putting as many pictures on but I think it is what fishermen want to see, if you agree you can comment at the bottom of the report!

Jack Melville

Jack Melville

Alan Williams’ party fished both Rothes and Carron; the fishing must have been particularly easy as Alan caught his first of 2012 helping them to thirteen.  Kinermony was one of the places to be on Monday where the party had ten, the rest of the week was more difficult but the total was over twenty. Over the water things were harder, five were landed but almost twice as many were lost a recurring theme this season at Wester Elchies. Carron managed five with Annie Outhwaite showing the men how to catch fish with two from the Carron Pool. Upstream from Carron I again have no reports till Grantown. Jimmy Mitchell tells me that only five salmon were reported the best being a seventeen pounder from the Long Pool. The unseasonably cold evenings are making seatrout fishing difficult.

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