Week Commencing 3rd September.

Well at long last the rain fell in the catchment and the river rose. Although not a huge rise it looked and sounded different as I walked the dogs this morning. On Saturday the fishing was poor, a combination of a summer’s collection of debris and probably the first significant rise since April seemed to confused the fish. There is some more rain forecast for this evening and if this does not bring down some more rubbish next week’s prospects could be good. Although this is the last of the rain forecast for the week. The tides are building till the weekend.



Gordon Castle Ian Tennant tells me they had twenty-five for the week. A mixture of salmon and grilse, mostly older fish.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.


Delfur were once again into double figures.


Grantown. Jimmy Michel tells me.

Anglers are still in very short supply here in Grantown, so once again, our catches reflect this.

Two grilse and one salmon have been reported for the past week. The 22lbs salmon was landed from Saddle Pool by local member, Adam Howarth, who has kindly sent us a picture of his ‘colourful’ catch.

Adam Howarth 22lb Grantown.

Aviemore and Abernethy.

Stuart Voce reports,

Three weeks to go chaps and lasses and the rain has arrived. Last week started slow but picked up when the river hit the amazing height of 8inches!. Two salmon were taken, a grilse of 4lb and a sea liced hen fish of 6lb the later taken on a payo. One seatrout reported on the fly at 6lb.

Hopefully we might have a nice run of fish to see the season out. Lets hope ! 


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