Week Commencing 30th April 2018.

Last week was a difficult week to fish, strong winds, and bright sunshine on some days, an unsettled river and few fish. This coming week Speyside will miss most of the record warm temperatures on the May Bank Holiday settling for a more sensible 12c. Tuesday might be a bit warmer but the rest of the week remains just into double figures. The wind will be generally moderate with a good bit of west in it all week. Tides there will be no new water till Wednesday Evening then the tides start to build again.

Euan Clive from Phones, Knockando told me he had seen a mallard with eight ducklings in the Station Pool, we had been saying it was about time they appeared earlier in the week. No eggs yet in my tit nest box, looking back at last year she had started laying the week before.


Catches again I have reports of fish from Kinchurdy to the sea, not huge numbers but most beats are managing something.


Ian Tennant tells me Gordon Castle had five for the week. David Barker, Coco fishing with Jonny Gray sent me some pictures. I am surprised that the Gillies allow tenants to fish with Skullheads, standards are plummeting, only Londoners would dream of using such things!!

Coco  says Jonny Grays party fishing Brae 1&2 and then 3,4 and 5. Four fish for the week. Monday Simon Kirkup caught a five pounder from the left bank of the junction pool Brae 1. Tuesday Alex Cliff caught a 10 lb from the neck of otters pool Brae 3 and Mark Johnson got an 8 lber from by the hut Brae 2. Wednesday Alex cliff scored again with an 8lber from the left bank so the Slabs on Brae 2.

Should this be allowed?

Mark Johnson Gordon Castle.

Alex Cliff Gordon Castle.

Alex Cliff’s fish Gordon Castle.

Delfur managed four, no pictures this week not sure if it was the fish or the anglers who were shy.

Henry Spence fishing Rothes kept me updated, and they finished with four as well.

Henry Spence Rothes

Andy Pitts-Tucker Rothes.

Arndilly finished with six, including three to Ann Curtis. Both David Curtis and Laura Irwin had sea-iced fish on Saturday.


Aberlour, Wester Elchies, and Kinermony all managed a fish apiece.

Ian Morrison Aberlour Angling Club.

Kenny Munro Kinermony.

Carron ended the week with five, thanks to Mark Taylor and Ian Borthwick for the pictures. Interestingly another fin-clipped fish that Ian spotted in the photo.

Stein Riisnes Carron.

Nils Rokne Carron.

Larshelge Kyrkjedoe Carron.

Didrik Martens Carron.

Fin clipped


I believe Knockando Lower Pitcroy beat had a couple.

Grantown was lightly fished but a salmon was landed, and there are unconfirmed reports of the first seatrout.

Abernethy are keeping me updated which is nice.

Stuart Voce the secretary sent me the following.

High winds  have been a real problem this week making presentation of the fly and worm difficult and as a result fishers were down on the river. However those old stalwarts who ventured out caught fish .

The river rose slightly on Tuesday and lucky boy Johnnie Gordon took advantage having seen a pod of fish go through the pool by landing a fresh hen fish of 6lb on his favourite Payo Lure after a good fight. Following day I managed to fight the wind and land a lovely hen fish at 9lb on the worm. Lovely sight to see them swim off. On the Friday lucky boy J G did it again on his payo landing a hen fish of 8lb .

Fish are moving up river slowly including some large seatrout.  They are there you just need to battle the elements and have your day!

Stuart Voce fish Abernethy.


Kinchurdy continued to catch fish Kenny Hilsley sent me this picture of a fine fat fish.

Kenny Hilsley Kinchurchy




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