Week Commencing 30th April 2012

It has been another difficult week on Speyside unless you were fishing at the bottom of the river. Weather wise we have had at least three of the four seasons, the weather ranged from warm and sunny to snow and hail with most things in-between. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water this coming week. The forecast for the coming week is wet, with the heaviest rain on Tuesday and Friday, we will wait and see. Hopefully the fish will distribute themselves throughout the river.

Catches; well the Gordon Castle beats continue to surprise me with their catches this week they started on Monday with ten fish landed and almost as many lost with some big fish causing breakages and straightening hooks! Here is a picture that Dave Duncan sent me.

Big catches at Gordon Castle

Big catches at Gordon Castle

I received a report from Iain Laing who was fishing at Orton, Iain tells me his party had 5 fish landed and 5 lost for the week ranging from 8lbs to 24lbs all fresh fish

He sent me this picture of twenty-four pound fish that he caught on Monday 30th April fishing a sunk 2/3line and a Red Frances.

Upstream at Delfur they managed twenty-two for the week including these two for Gregoire Devictor, his first at fifteen pounds then just to show how easy it is another at nineteen.

Rothes had a better week than of late with ten for the Fletcher party.

Further upstream things were more difficult. Wester Elchies managed 4 back to the usual formulae with two on Monday and two on Saturday.

I have little information from further upstream, but Grantown managed five with biggest at fourteen pounds.

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