Week Commencing 2nd March 20

Another week, another spate. The sudden rise in temperature coupled with a strong southerly wind brought the inevitable snow melt and rise in the river. Last night’s temperature remained close to double figures. Temperatures drop slightly next week, but probably not enough to pull the height back much. There is also a little rain most days. The tides are building till Thursday.


Catches, there have been a few, but nothing to write home about. On Monday Clive Murray got Kinermony’s first of the season. Ronnie Fraser fishing at Wester Elchies got a couple on Tuesday. Graham Ritchie had a fish, his first of the season, from Beaufort Delfur and I hear Ballindalloch also had a fish on Thursday.

Sam, with Ronnie Fraser’s fish Wester Elchies.

Ronnie Fraser’s fish Wester Elchies. 37″

Graham Ritchie Beaufort Delfur.


Please take care handling all fresh fish caught and the kelts. It doesn’t help the profile of the river to have videos of fish being poorly handled posted all over the internet. Also keep a look out for tagged kelts.

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