Week Commencing 2nd July.

Bit of a short report as I’m fishing in Norway, low water and shortage of fish, sounds familiar?

Well the forecast is still not good, another dry week, temperatures at the start of the week are a little bit lower, but I’m afraid they creep up again towards next weekend. The river is close to its lowest since 1976. The tides are building.

Congratulations to Gordon Castle Gillie and his wife on the birth of their son, both mother and baby doing well.
Whilst in gossip mode, congratulations to regular Spey anglers Will Haggas and Clare Shaw who got married at Orton on Wednesday. The weather was perfect for a wedding! Later in the week guests Robert Dales caught his first ever Spey salmon in Couperee, he was trumped by his wife Jane who caught one twenty minutes later and a pound heavier.

Robert Dales Orton.

Jane Dales. Orton.

Wedding party.

Nice bridal outfit.

The happy couple.

Ian Tennant tells me they had a couple and kindly sent me a picture.

Gordon Castle

Delfur, Mark tells me they finished close to double figures, in difficult conditions. Water temperatures were in the seventies mid week but did cool a little towards the weekend.

Grantown, Jimmy tells me few salmon anglers are visiting, but those fishing for sea trout are getting good catches up to 8lb.

Aviemore and Abernethy Angling Assciation secretary Stuart Vocebtells men

The river is in a poor state as we know. The last time we had these conditions was 1976! I’m sure the fish are feeling it right now and I hope fishers respect this.
The condition of the river has prompted our Chairman to suspend worm fishing for the immediate future until further notice. Notices are in place so please be aware.
Turning to the fishing the week produced 14 sea-trout , best 7lb.

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  1. Robert mclachlan at 8:37 am

    Here is a few words of ,, of opinion.. regarding ,spey decline,genetic dilution is my train of thought, the chances of matching the genomic ,epigenetic needed ,to rear strong and robust, Parr, is near impossible, so what you get is genetic diversity genetic erosion.? In layman terms with no disrespect.man’s best attempts to help a river rear and replace stock to a level of good health ,, magnetic field navigation,is a genomic DNA trait of wild salmon.and has worked for thousands of years change one of exsppresions of DNA game over,if the rsfb is doing good where is the proof, ?in the late seventies I said there was farmed salmon in the spey,the reply was don’t be silly,

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