Week Commencing 2nd April.

There has been a change in the temperatures this weekend, it has been warmer. And of course as soon as it gets warmer this time of year the snow starts to melt and the river comes up. It is going to stay warm tomorrow but returns to being cooler later in the week. There is some rain forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday so I would imagine the river is not going to drop too quickly. The clarity of the river appears to be reasonable but it has a dark colour suggesting there is quite a bit of Dulnain water coming down.
The tides start to build again from Tuesday. As usual I am quite optimistic that with the rise in temperatures, the lift in the water heights and the building tides there will be a few more fish caught this coming week.
Still no sign of hirundininae on the river or any sandpipers but I would suspect with the southerly airflow this weekend they should be here soon. I have yet to hear of a Speyside osprey as well.

Although there have been a few, the cold easterly wind made things difficult at the start of the week.
Mattias Helde’s party of Scandinavians fishing at Orton and Knockando started the week well with a couple of fish from Orton on Monday, but it was hard going after that.
Delfur continued to fish well getting into double figures for the week. Thanks to Mark and Grant for the photographs.

Wilson Philips 20lb Delfur.

John (Ketch) Kitchingham Delfur

Jim Ferrie Delfur

Graeme Caton Delfur.

Davie McIntosh Delfur.

The Turtle party returned to Rothes, and as usual Grant Turtle sent me an illustrated report.
Just a few words on our annual trip to Rothes & Aikenway. Another fantastic week on Speyside with variable but fairly decent conditions.
We finished the week with 4 fish.
2 on Monday, both caught by my father David (Criechie 9lbs and Bluestone left bank 8lbs), making up for his absence last year. Only the first one was photographed. Both caught on a Willie Gunn conehead.
Paul Simpson had a fish from the boat on Wednesday on a size 8 Cascade. In the book at 13lbs, picture attached.
I had a fish of around 9lbs on Friday on a large and bushy cascade conehead tube from Criechie. Picture attached.
The only other excitement I had was losing a fresh fish in Criechie when my 50 year old Marquis lost a rivet and went into freespool…it can’t have been well hooked, but the reel certainly didn’t help.

David Turtle Rothes.

Paul Simpson Rothes.

Grant Turtle’s fish Rothes.

My life would be so much easier if everyone was so keen and enthusiastic about keeping me informed.
Craigellachie got their season underway with two fish. Thanks to Peter Kyte for the picture of his fish from Slabs.

Peter Kyte Craigellachie.

Aberlour Angling club had another two, Stuart Wilson and Rob Morrison.
Kinermony had a couple as well, thanks to Davey Brand for the photos.

Stuart Mathieson Kinermony.

Bob Newton Kinermony.

Wester Elchies had three, the last time I heard from Sam.
Carron had one to the new party of Scandinavians. Stig Engstrom, getting a fish from Dalmunach.

Stig Engstrom Carron

I hear Laggan had a fish I also hear Tulchan had a couple and I heard rumours of Castle Grant getting a fish but as usual have no details.

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