Week Commencing 29th June 2015

By the wonders of modern technology and a little help by my daughter Melanie I will now attempt to do my weekly report from Silverstone and the British Grand Prix. Ferrari got a well deserved third place! I will now return to salmon fishing.

I will edit and correct any errors when I return to civilisation on Monday!

Well it was certainly uncomfortably warm on Tuesday and Wednesday, but was it a heatwave? Surprisingly the term heatwave has a definition, the Meteorological Organisation’s definition of a heatwave is “when the daily maximum temperature of more than five consecutive days exceeds the average maximum temperature by 5°C. The average is 18.5 so it needed to keep above 23.5 Tuesday-Saturday.  So I suppose it was not quite, just an uncomfortable period of a few days to spoil the fishing. Next week’s forecast is to return to some proper weather with some rain mid week some of it quite heavy. Temperatures will reach the mid teens. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till the following week.

Catches, not surprisingly catches fell away the middle of the week when the water temperature rose by around 6 degrees to approaching 60F. Salmon are cold blooded creatures and a 10% + change in there surrounds has a major effect on their metabolism, they cannot just shed a layer, open a window or turn on the air conditioning.

Gordon Castle were in the high teens. Delfur finished with over thirty and as usual I am grateful to Mark Melville for his photos.

Brian Maclean Delfur

Brian Maclean, Delfur

Maha al Tajir Big Haddie  Delfur

Maher al Tajir, Big Haddie Delfur

Jack Melville Delfur


Gary Bushnell

Gary Bushnell Delfur


Gary Bushnell

Gary Bushnell again Delfur

DSCN4831 DSCN4826 DSC_0854

Tom Allan

Tom Allan


Rothes were around the mid teens and Mike says he hates these hot days.

Craigellachie fished well at the start and end of the week when there was a little cloud cover.

Wester Elchies finished with five and Sam said it was hard work.

Carron again fished well and finished the week with ten. Local keeper Gordon Aitchenson landed his first ever salmon and Neil Borthwick for the third season on the trot landed Carron’s 100th fish.

Gordon Aitchison 1st fish Mid Cast Carron

Gordon Aitchison, 1st fish Mid Cast Carron

Neil Borthwick 100s fish from Carron

Neil Borthwick, 100th fish from Carron

Grantown continue to catch both salmon and sea trout and I am grateful to Jimmy for his photos.

John Gray Sea trout

John Gray, Sea trout

Kenny Carr Grantown

Kenny Carr, Grantown

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