Week Commencing 29th February 2016

The next time I can start my report with “Week Commencing 29th February” will be 2044, by that time I might be be old and grumpy!

Well it turned out pretty much as forecast, there was some rain, some snow, and a little bit of sunshine. Towards the end of the week the wind came round from the north and it certainly felt it at times. The rain early in the week pushed the river up. Next week will be pretty much the same, cold at night, but temperatures trying to creep up during the day. The winds will be a little lighter and backing more to the southwest. The tides are building till Friday. Hopefully the rise in the river followed by building tides will encourage new fish into the river and distribute those that are there, throughout the system.


Catches. It struck me this week that to be successful on the Spey it improved your chances if you were a Brocher. For those who cannae spik Doric, a Brocher is someone who comes from Fraserburgh. Michael and Graham Ritchie along with Jimmy Jack all hail from Fraserburgh, and all had great success this week.

Gordon Castle had their second of the season on Monday. I hear that Orton Gillie Kevin had a fish on Tuesday but have no more details.

Delfur, on Monday Jimmy Jack had his first ever day on the beat and in the afternoon had his first salmon. A 19lb fish from Beaufort. On Thursday Graham Ritchie had yet another fish, from Collie, this time. This was his second in consecutive days having already landed one from Rothes on Wednesday. Jimmy Jack was also there at Rothes and landed his second of the week. On Saturday Michael Ritchie got in on the act with a 9lb fish from Creachie.

Jimmy Jack Beaufort Delfur

Jimmy Jack Beaufort Delfur.

Graham Ritchie Collie Delfur

Graham Ritchie Collie Delfur

Jimmy Jack Rothes

Jimmy Jack Rothes.

Michael Ritchie Rothes

Michael Ritchie Rothes


Arndilly had a slightly quieter week but Ian Galland landed a fish from the Cobble Pot mid week and Willie Roy another on Saturday..

I hear rumours that Upper Arndilly have had their first of the season.

I have heard nothing else, but as I mentioned earlier, the lift in river levels will hopefully move more fish upstream.

As usual there has been some discussion on why I add a “copyright watermark” to the pictures used in my report. The reason is simple; all photographs on the Internet belong to the person who took them but not everyone respects this and the watermark is just a gentle reminder to those who might do otherwise.


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