Week Commencing 28th May 2012

It has been a difficult week on Speyside. As many of you will have heard or seen on the news early in the week one fish was confirmed with UDN. I asked Alan Williams Spey board Chairman for his thoughts and Alan said, “Anglers visiting the river will find that all beats have been supplied with Virkon disinfectant. This follows advice from Marine Science Scotland. The use of disinfectant is generic advice which they would give in any disease situation. Anglers should be aware that only one fish has been positively identified as carrying UDN. The progression of the disease is being monitored on a weekly basis with a number of beats reporting incidences of various stages of infection on fish. UDN is a disease that may well be endemic in Scottish rivers but it does not affect juvenile fish or smolts. In earlier outbreaks in which a number of mortalities occurred, many fish, some with earlier signs of infection were known to have spawned. The river should continue to fish normally.”

The forecast for the coming week should be an excellent fishing week with clouds and showers and temperatures remaining around the low teens. The tides are continuing to build and hopefully the runs of fish should continue to build.

I hear my source from the castle Beats was on holiday this week so I am short of information on what is happening down there. Delfur got into the mid teens including the first sea-liced grilse of the year.

Upstream Mr J Bladon had Rothes’ best week of the season again getting into the mid teens. Mike tells me that only a couple of these were liced. The Gordon Angling Group had their last Spey week of the season and managed twelve on a beat below the Fiddich.

Peter Kyte’s party worked hard for a baker’s dozen at Kinermony. Over the water Lady Rockley’s party struggled with only three landed, but four were lost 2 of which should have been netted. David Cecil kept Sam close by to ensure there were no slip ups.

I understand Carron had over half a dozen but have no details. Upstream from Carron I have no reports till Grantown who had eleven including a twenty pound fish from the Finnock pool on a fly.

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