Week Commencing 28th March

Last weeks weather forecast was not particularly accurate, there was certainly more wind on Friday and the start of the week was cooler than expected. This week is forecast to start wet with somewhere in the region of 15mm between Monday and Tuesday morning. It is then drier in the middle of the week with some more rain towards the weekend. The winds will be light except perhaps on Wednesday. The tides are building all week, hopefully this fresh water and building tides will encourage more fish into the river. Mark Melville saw his first Sand Martin on Friday, right on schedule, not long till the noisy Sand Pipers arrive.

Catches; I am pleased to report catches of sea-liced fish from almost Grantown to the sea. The water temperature has been over 40f for most of the week and this has encouraged the fish to run hard, the biggest problem has been intercepting them. Anglers have been seeing fish on almost every beat but blink and they are gone.

The river had a Mini Viking invasion last week, with at least 4 parties fishing up and down the river. Mattias Helde ‘s party was at Orton and had a couple of fish but on Monday they lost more than 6 with even more tugs and pulls. The week was a little slower to start at Delfur but Robert Jolly’s party finished the week stronger with 2 fish on Saturday taking the total to 3.

Teresa Jolly Delfur

Teresa Jolly Delfur.

Robert Jolly Delfur

Robert Jolly Delfur

Rothes also had Scandinavian tenants and managed a couple of fish. Spey regular Per Westerlund getting the first on Monday.

I hear Ardilly finished with 5. Ian Ogden tells me  2 Norwegian friends had a fish each with us. The English had 3 fish leaving the Scots to pour [and
drink] the drams!


Easter Elchies and Upper Arndilly had at least one a piece and Norwegian angler Oystein Hvedings had this one on Friday.

Oystein Hveding's fish Easter Elchies

Oystein Hveding’s fish Easter Elchies

Craigellachie though lightly fished still managed a couple many thanks to Dougie Ross for the picture.

Dougie Coull's fish Craigellachie

Dougie Coull’s fish Craigellachie

Aberlour Angling Association had a least 2, the smaller of the ones I know about pictured below.

Steve Grant Aberlour

Steve Grant Aberlour

Wester Elchies also had some Swedish anglers and managed a couple of fish. Par Palm had anglers at Wester Elchies and Knockando Estates.

The Gordon Group were at Delagyle and Peter Austin and Graham Ritchie both had fish from Pol McCree.

David Smiley with Graham Ritchie's fish

David Smillie with Graham Ritchie’s fish

Mattias Helde’s anglers were also at Laggan and had three salmon and a large seatrout.

Magnus Bäckström Laggan

Magnus Bäckström Laggan

Over the water Carron also had three fish, beat co-owner,Alan Williams,  had one on Wednesday and John Oliver had two on Saturday, the first from the Big Griggle around 8lbs and this slightly smaller one from the Carron Pool in the afternoon.

John Oliver Carron

John Oliver Carron

Knockando had their first fish from the Long Pool on Thursday, I was lucky enogh to catch it whilst fishing with Par Palm, I was so excited it slipped back into the river before I could take its picture.

Phones fished better with Elizabeth Holmqvist getting her first ever salmon under the expert tutorage of Sandy Smith. Par Palm had one from Slioch on Saturday and I was lucky enough to get one later in the afternoon.

Sandy Smith with Elizabeth Holmqvist fish Phones

Sandy Smith with Elizabeth Holmqvist fish Phones.

Par Palm Phones Knockando

Par Palm Phones Knockando.

Gillie Tony Smith Phones

Gillie Tony Smith, Phones

Upstream Chris Excel reports that Tulchan C had a large fish estimated at 24lbs around a meter long and around 54cm girth. I will be happy to put the picture up when I receive it.

I hear that all Castle Grant beats had fish but no more details.

Grantown though disappointingly lightly fished still had a fish when visiting angler Paul Invine had a fresh 10lber from McLeods again.


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