Week Commencing 27th May 2019 with pictures.

It has been a wet month of May with almost 6″ of rain, just 2″ short of the total rainfall last year has fallen already this year.

The weather forecast next week is for some more rain next Thursday and into the weekend. Temperatures remain low for June.
The tides are building till Tuesday then there will no new water for the rest of the week.

Gordon Castle had twelve for the week, the heaviest was 18lb.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle.

Orton were close to double figures.

Delfur, I was lucky enough to fish Delfur last week and although we lost two days to high or rising water we finished with seventeen.Dave Sadowski was the top rod with four.

Gillie Ian Kelly Delfur.

Dave Sadowski Delfur.

Charlie Harman Delfur.

Alan Brown Delfur.

Rothes had another excelent with again sixteen landed. A big fish was lost when it stripped off all the line in a mad rush and then broke the backing.

James Bladon Rothes.

Niki Wigram Rothes.

NickPleydell Bouverie Rothes.

Emily Salvesen Rothes.

Harry Wigram Rothes

Emily Salvesen Rothes.

Emma Worrall Rothes.

Nick Pleydell Bouverie Rothes.

Arndilly, Euan tells me ” We had a steady week without breaking records. Mr George Hollingbery and Mr Jonathon De Jongh got the week started with 13lb and 10lb fish repectively. Will Daniel and Chris Sutterthwaite had fish on Tuesday. Wednesday was what we thought was the best water of the week, guess what – we blanked! Thursday Julian Sowerbutts and Giles Brand had a fish plus a couple of noisy losses. Friday David Bate and Mark Eyre had one each and Mrs Jeanette Hollingbery had a cast for a hour and showed the way with a nice 9.5lb fish from the Bulwark. On Saturday we had five including a fish for Mrs Gilly Bate and two for Charlie Walker. George Hollingbery joined Mr Walker as the only two rods to catch two fish in the week with our first grilse of the season. It is unusual to have such an even spread of fish.”

Gilly Bate Arndilly.

J Sowerbutts Arndilly.

G Hollingbery Arndilly

Grilse Aberlour.

Aberlour Angling Club had thirteen, including a recaptured fish caught originally at Easter Elchies. Visitors Colin Gregson and William Hughes had fish as well as the Grant Brothers.

William Hughes first ever salmon Aberlour

Steve Grant Aberlour.

Allan Grant Aberlour.

Steve Grant Aberlour tagged fish.

Colin Gregson Aberlour

Andrew Goodenough Aberlour.

Kinermony was fish by Peter Kytes party and the had three.

Ian Pawley Kinermony

Wester Elchies had four as did Carron.

Niall Donaldson Wester Elchies.

Kate Pelham Burns Wester Elchies.

Paul Barrett Carron

Paul Barrett Carron

Castle Grant Lionel tells me they had an excellent week with catches in the mid twenties.

Paul Rushman Castle Grant, 1st of the week.

Paul Rushman Castle Grant.

Trevor Eastwood 21lb Castle Grant.

Trevor Eastwood 2nd of the week Castle Grant.

Adrian Ewer, 1st of 4 Castle Grant.

Adrian Ewer 2nd of the week, Castle Grant.


If you are fishing the Spey, or even other rivers, please keep an eye out for adult salmon bearing tags. The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Gillies are running a salmon tagging project to:
– Determine the re-capture rate of released salmon
– Provide information on the movements of rod caught salmon

Gillies along the river have been provided with tags, tagging equipment and training. Tagged fish could be recaptured anywhere in the river, even in other rivers, so we are asking all anglers to look out for fish carrying “Floy” tags next to the dorsal fin. Floy tags are vinyl coated, available in different colours and individually numbered.

What are we asking anglers to do if they catch a tagged fish?

-Take a note of the Floy tag colour and number (take good photo if possible)
– Carefully release the fish, with tag still in place
– Contact the Spey Fishery Board by Telephone number on tag or via the contact details below
– Anglers reporting a tagged fish will receive details of the fish including original tagging place and date, as well as any other information available
– A full report on the tagging study will be published at the end of the season, including details of all fish.

tagged fish Aberlour

and remember to also check to make sure if it has been fin-clipped.

Fin clipped fish.


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