Week Commencing 27th June 2016

Last week’s forecast was particularly accurate, it rained at sometime  everyday; it even got Wednesday the day with the most rain correct. This week’s forecast is pretty much more of the same, a little rain on Monday, dry Tuesday and Wednesday then more rain as we head towards the weekend. Not much like summer.

The constant showers kept the river up last week without going mad! Thursday morning was the only slight rise following the heavy rain on Wednesday evening.

The tides are still building and peak mid week.

Catches: Once again I am delighted to say the whole of the river is fishing well.

The Gordon Castle Beats finished in the mid eighties. Disappointingly either the fish or the anglers were very shy and I have no photos.

Delfur fished extremely well, the only disappointment was they failed to get into triple figures having to settle for the nineties. Mark tells me that June has been one of the best, and last week one of the best June weeks ever. Not just the quantity of fish, but also the quality, most fish being double figures and fighting fantastically well. As usual Mark and Rory and their guests have been generous with their photographs.

Duncan Fletcher Snr

Duncan Fletcher Snr

Rory delfur

Rory, with Maher Altajir’s fish Delfur

Grant Delfur

Grant, with another of Maher Altajir’s  fish Delfur


Duncan Fletcher

Duncan Fletcher

Jim Costelloe Delfur

Jim Costelloe Delfur.

Duncan Fletcher Delfur

Duncan Fletcher Delfur

Tom Allen Delfur

Tom Allan Delfur

Grant Mortimer, day off!

Grant Mortimer, day off?

Rothes were slightly quieter. Mike tells me that the majority of fish were into double figures with only a handful of grilse.

I was lucky enough to be invited to fish at Easter Elchies, although I did not trouble the scorer, Willie Robertson and party had a great week landing plenty of salmon.

Craigellachie were slightly quieter than usual.

Kinermony had a good week; Davie Brand tells me they finished with nineteen fish between 14 and 22lbs. Davie kindly sent me some pictures.

Richard Smith Kinermony

Richard Smith Kinermony

Phil Kinermony

Phil Kinermony.

George McKenzie Kinermony

George McKenzie Kinermony.

Wester Elchies finished in the mid-teens.

Carron continues to fish well. Last year around this time Ian Borthwick was pleased to record the 100th fish of the season, this year Ian tells me that they have had over 100 for June alone. Many thanks to Simon Martin for his pictures.

Simon Martin Carron

Simon Martin Carron.

Simon Martin Carron.

Simon Martin Carron.


Again there is little news above Carron, although I hear that Dr Catherine Wills and her party have been catching plenty.

Grantown were quieter, though I’m not sure why. The seatrout are fewer in number but of a much better size.

Kinchurdy continues to fish well for both salmon and seatrout. I received a message from Anthony Shanks, he told me “ I fished Kinchurdy this week with my sons and had a cracking week, fishing with a great gillie, Bobby Hall. We had twelve seatrout up to 6lbs, losing a few more. We really had a fantastic week and will be back for years to come.”



Anthony Shanks' fish Kinchurdy

Anthony Shanks’ fish Kinchurdy

Bobby Hall Kinchurdy

Bobby Hall Kinchurdy.

Kinchurdy Seatrout

Kinchurdy Seatrout

Kinchurdy Seatrout

Kinchurdy Seatrout

Kinchurdy seatrout

Kinchurdy Seatrout.


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