Week Commencing 23rd July 2021

Week Commencing 23rd July 2021

Evening all

Apologies for the slight delay in the publication of the weekly report but spent the day with my River Spey Anglers Association hat on at our Junior anglers day at Wardend Fishery. A tough day for the 13 junior anglers that were out, with drizzly rain on and off all day and fish that were being seen but not wanting to be very co-operative. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and by the end of it we had manged to hook them all a fish.

It seems as if the switch has been well and truly flicked as there is a distinct autumn feel to the mornings, albeit the days have brightened well with lots of sun but this has certainly been to the detriment of the river, coupled with low water, conditions have been less that favourable for those fishing. I think  some rain may help in the run in to the end of the season.

Anyway here is how the beats scored last week.

Gordon Castle and Brae Water finished with over 30 fish but it was tough going to get those numbers given the prevailing weather conditions. Most of the fish caught were resident, although one or two fresh fish were seen pushing through.

And back it goes


A resident me thinks


Nice fish


Cracking looking fresh fish

Andy Gunn, at Orton described the week as grim with very few fish hooked.

Upstream at Delfur, Mark Melville advised the fish were switched off but they did not have a blank day during the week, finishing in the mid teens. Conditions were not great with Water temp hanging around the 60f and water well down to – 17 on our gauge. Two lucky anglers caught their first ever fish but all fish were stale, with the biggest around 21lb.

Jo Pennington with her first ever salmon from the Big Haddie


Abby Douetil with a small coloured fish, and photobombed by soggy spaniels

Rothes head ghillie, Robbie Stronach reported a very slow start to the week with only 2 fish in the book by Wednesday but they seem to find fish after that and finished with 10 for the week up to 14lb.

Euan Reid at Arndilly mused that the Spey ghillies were awarded a wet and cool day for their day off, after a week of sunny and warm weather, always the same as some would say.

The week was about as tough as it could get, low water, warm temperatures and fish that were particularly dour.

This weeks Ardnilly party leader was Brian Lovering who headed a really nice party which was a delight to ghillie for. Our superstar fisherman this week was Mark Budden who caught 66% of our fish this week, James Cheer caught the other one!
3 for the week was a disappointing return from a good team that fished well and kept going even though they knew conditions were against them.
We did lose quite a few fish which was unlucky and “Sir” Mark Budden also managed his personal best sea trout at 5lb.
From a ghillie’s perspective although the fish are being difficult at least they are in the pools, some of the pools have lots of fish in them.

Easter Elchies head ghillie, Orn Sigurhansson advised that the beat had a similar week to the previous. Plenty of fish in all the pools, but reluctant to take. For the Graham party, highlights included Charles Hewitt landing 4 fish for his 3 days – a good return in the conditions, all caught on Samurai flies. Easter Elchies regular Frank Bogie also landed a nice 9lb fish from Fiddich Mouth.

Charles Hewitt releasing one of his four fish caught at Easter Elchies


Frank Bogie with a lovely fish taken on Copper Shrimp

Aberlour Angling Club stalwart Kenny Davis reports that they had some visitors fishing the water this week but no joy in the hard going conditions.

Malcolm Newbould reports a quiet week for Wester Elchies, with only a couple of fish landed.

As we journey upstream, the Spence party who were fishing Carron and Laggan had 9 fish for the week, having to work hard and fish late to land this number, accordingly to ghillie Mike Murdoch. From the following pictures someone had wet feet on more than one occasion.

Chunky Cock Fish


Another resident hen ready to go back


A happy angler and a wet ghillie


Lovely hen fish going back to carry on her journey


Happy young angler

Archie Baillie on Knockando Home Beat reported a very quiet with with only 3 small grilse landed.

Lower Pitchroy suffered the same as everyone else with 4 fish to 10lb landed according to Andrew Hall.

Well no more to be said, a tough week in hard going conditions for the time of year. The forecast does not look as if it is going to be giving up any rain soon so the conditions do not look as if they are going to ease in the week ahead.

Anglers can only but try to winkle the fish out.

Tight Lines to you all



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