Week commencing 26th August 2013

Well September has arrived so I am in the last month of reporting this year, by the time this time of year arrives I feel as if I am repeating myself most weeks, and you probably think the same. It is hardly my fault that the rain seems to avoid the catchment, it must be at least 10years since the river was so low for so long. I just got a message from Mike Ewan, hoping the season runs out before the water! The forecast is not that encouraging, unless you are a farmer trying to get the harvest in! There might be some rain on Wednesday night, but probably not enough to lift the river. Judging by the leaves falling in the garden, the trees have gone into autumn mode so their water absorption should be less. On a slightly positive note the tides are building all week.


Catches, The Gordon Castle Beats have had just over forty. Delfur, Mark tells me they had marginally more. Rothes got in to double figures. Craigellachie appear to have had a bumper Saturday with five landed. Wester Elchies were averaging a fish a day. On Monday whilst crossing the bridge at Carron I glanced down and noticed a lot of activity in the pool below, on close inspection, it turned out to be the anglers enjoying a swim rather than huge numbers of fish. I heard of an interesting technique used to capture a fish at Carron, I am not sure if the purists would approve as it seems to be closer to harling than fly fishing. I will do my best to describe it, firstly you fish the neck of the pool from the right bank, then instead of reeling in you wade across to fish the left bank, somewhere during the process a fish attaches itself to the fly, I have avoided naming the angler concerned to protect the innocent. If anyone knows any successful rain dances please let me know!

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  1. Iain Ogden at 12:02 pm

    The last time the river was this low for an extended period the lower beats below Fochabers bridge, and LW2 in particular, had some spectacular catches. Your report suggests there isn’t a build up of fish down there this year – not taking fish anyway!

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