Week Commencing 25th June.

Well this weeks report will not take long to write. The weather forecast was 100% accurate, wall to wall sunshine.  Next week starts the same but there is a chance the end of the week will be more overcast with lower temperatures. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water this week.



Delfur reached double figures, which considering the conditions was respectable. Mark tells me there are no photos as he wanted the fish back in the river as soon as possible. The water temperature was in the high sixties first thing in the morning and somewhere in the seventies in the afternoon.


Kinermony had four George McKenzie and Richard Smith catching them when honest people were sound asleep!


Carron had at least three all caught around breakfast time.


Grantown, Jimmy tells me.

For the first time in our history, no salmon have been reported during the last week of June. With blazing sunshine, temperatures above 30ºC and a low river level, conditions have been poor for the salmon angler. These conditions have deterred anglers, which, in turn, mean that no salmon have been caught. We’re in a no win situation!


However, nocturnal sea-trout conditions continue to be good with fish of up to 7 lb landed during last week.


Our combined rainfall total for May & June was just 51.2mm, as compared to 129.5mm for the same period last year.


Do you know anyone who can perform a Rain Dance?


Abernethy and Aviemore Stuart tells me


It was hot this week with the river dropping to 3ins. Fishers took cover and ventured out at night. Our local lad John Gray had a salmon of 8lb at 12.30am. Only one other report of a seatrout later in the week.


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