Week Commencing 25th July 2011

Well it has been a difficult and somewhat disappointing week on Speyside; the grilse are now officially late! We need something to change either the grilse to arrive in numbers or some heavy rain to stir everything up, it is almost like September the pools are stuffed with fish but they are not keen on playing.  The river is low but there have been a few showers today, probably not enough to lift the levels but hopefully enough to drop the water temperatures and freshen the fish up. There is more rain forecast on Wednesday or Thursday. The tides are building till Thursday but then there will no new water for the rest of the week. Let us hope the big tides and fresh water will entice some grilse into the system.

Catches, again disappointingly I have no reports from the top and bottom of the river. Photos again are in short supply surely not all Spey anglers are shy.

Delfur had a quieter week than of late but mid thirties is not too shabby by anyone else’s standards.

At Rothes, Mike Ewen tells me that his pools are stuffed with fish but they are not keen to play. They eventually finished the week with ten, with James Carr catching three to his own rod.  Craigellachie had a quiet week again, I witnessed Miss Higgins landing a fine ten pound fish in the Boat Pool as a group of canoeists looked on, but she coped very well with audience and the lively fish. Wester Elchies had a quieter week with only four salmon landed with as many seatrout. Carron were also disappointing. My Grantown correspondent has been away to the west coast, so I have only heard of the two fish reported elsewhere.

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