Week Commencing 25th February.

On Friday it was the meteorological start of spring, certainly the days are getting longer and it is only three weeks are so to the Spring Equinox. The river remained low all week but I noticed today it has risen about a foot or so, probably a mixture of milder weather and a small amount of rain. I think the rise in river level will help the fishing and encourage the fish to move again. The river temperature also rose a couple of degrees. The tides peaked last Wednesday and there will be no new water all week.
Catches; as with most other rivers catches have been a little disappointing but as it is only the first week of March I am not too concerned. The Gordon Castle beats had another fish on Friday, this time from Beat Five. I have heard nothing new from Orton. Delfur had a few fish and I have received some photos of the new gillie Rory Paterson who has been kept busy looking after Don Milne and John Grant in Sourden.

Rory Paterson with Don Milnes

Rory Paterson with Don Milne’s fish

Rory with John Grant's fish

Rory with John Grant’s fish

The final photo is a bit of a quiz, which gillie has netted the fish? There are some definite clues for the Delfur regulars.

Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Further upstream the beat above Rothes has been picking up some more fish. The beats below Craigellachie have also had their first fish of the season from Upper Dips. Tony Smith had the first fish of the season at Wester Elchies from the Boat Pool. I also heard that I missed Laggan’s first fish of the season from the Bothy. My Grantown correspondent tells me they are enjoying the fine weather and catching plenty of kelts but nothing fresh to report.

There are 9 comments for this article
  1. Olivier Devictor at 5:59 pm

    Malcolm you won. Je donne ma langue au chat !

  2. Olivier Devictor at 1:57 pm

    If the fly is a Grant Orange then i know !

  3. Pelle Klippinge at 11:12 am

    All right, that would be Davy…

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 7:33 pm

      Well done Pelle, but I feel it was a guess. Wearing my Delfur Anorak, if you look closely at the net you will notice two bits of red tape, i.e. Davies’s net.

  4. Pelle Klippinge at 8:06 am

    Nor Mark, M himself!

  5. Olivier Devictor at 7:07 pm

    Malcom this is teasing. Am still looking for clues and my guess will be Mark ?
    Kind Regards and thanks for your weekly reports always interesting

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