Week Commencing 25th February 2019.

Next week is going to feel considerably cooler than the last fortnight, temperatures will be a good ten degrees lower, closer to the seasonal average of 7 degrees. I would expect the water temperatures to drop back, possibly making anglers return to intermediate lines rather than the floaters and tips of the last week. There might be a little rain towards the end of the week. The tides are building all week.


February has been a strange month, the willow trees down by the river are already green in colour and some hawthorn trees are already in blossom. I have seen a couple of butterflies flying around, Mark Melville sent me this picture which he assures me is a Peacock Butterfly. I have also spotted a bumblebee.

Peacock Butterfly.

The Grey Wagtails are back on the river and the oystercatchers have already paired up. I noticed some frog spawn in a local pond.


Brian Shaw has asked me to tell anglers about the Floy Tagging Project which is about to start on the river.Beats are being issued with white “Floy” tags, each of which has a unique number. Anglers catching a tagged fish are asked to note and/or photograph the tag number before releasing the fish, the tag should not be removed. Details of thefish, tag number and capture location should be forwarded to the SFB. More details later.


It has been a great week on the river with over twenty-five  fish landed that I have heard about. The warm water has spread the fish out and those beats that are being fished have been rewarded.

Orton had their first of the season; Richard Hold sent me this picture.

Murray Richardson Orton.

Delfur continued to catch fish, James Chalmers early in the week and Mike Glass on Thursday.

James Chalmers and friends Delfur.

Mike Glass Delfur.

Rothes had four, many thanks to Tony Smith and Ross Wood for the pictures.

Tony Smith Rothes.

Ross Wood’s fish Rothes.

I hear Arndilly had a fish earlier in the week, Scott Bailey from the Cobble Pot.

Scott Bailley, Cobble Pot, Arndilly.

Easter Elchies have landed four or five.

Macallan also had a fish; Ronnie Fraser had a couple from Craigellachie.

Ronnie Fraser’s fish Craigellachie.

Lower Wester Elchies got their season up and running.

Kinermony had a couple. Rinnes Brown had this fish measured at 41” and estimated at 27lbs. David Brand assures me the picture doesn’t do it justice.

Rinnes Brown Kinermony.

Bobby Hall had the second fish from Delagyle estimated at 21lb. Thanks to Bobby for the picture.

Bobby Hall Delagyle.

Wester Elchies had a great week, landing six.

Laggan also got their season underway with a fish from the Big Griggle, the highest up the river I have heard about.

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