Week Commencing 25th April 2011

As I write this report the temperature in tropical Carron is hovering around the mid twenties, well I suppose it is May after all! Fishing could hardly be described as easy but there were a few fish about but the bright sunshine and clear skies made catching them anything but simple. The forecast for the next few days is more of the same and it is not till Thursday that there is any suggestion of rain. The tides continue to build till Thursday but then there is no new water for the rest of the week. Things will be difficult but certainly this week perseverance paid dividends and we managed a few sea-liced fish whilst fishing at Carron.

Catches, I hear Orton are still catching a few fish, local anglers Willie Roy and Tony Smith were both successful, Tony Smith sent me this photo of his fish.

Upstream at Delfur, Jon Davies’ party managed eight including a couple in their mid teens.

Conditions were difficult at Rothes but a few fish were caught till the locals started to cool off by swimming in the pools! When I spoke to Sam, mid week, at Wester Elchies they had had one the evening before. At Carron we managed seven Alex Richie from Peterhead grabbing over 50% of the catch and I feel obliged to post a couple of pictures of Alex returning his fish.

All the beats above seemed to be picking away with one or two fish. The fish appear to be running hard but where they are going I’m not sure. Grantown had a another fish since I last reported but I understand that there are not very many visitors this year, I’m sure as soon as we get rain Grantown’s catches will soar.

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