Week Commencing 24th June 2019

The weather forecast was reasonably accurate, but most of the rain seemed to stick in the Central Belt so the river didn’t rise. It was certainly warm on Thursday and Friday and the catches suffered. The forecast for the coming week is to be mainly dry to overcast. The tides are building all week.


Catches as I mentioned earlier it was a week of two halves, the week started well but the bright sun and cloudless skies put a damper on the catches.


Gordon Castle. Ian Tennant tells ,me they had twenty one for the week with the best being 21lb.

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle.

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle

Gordon Castle

Orton had a better with the Reeve Party finishing with fifteen. Most were fresh or sea liced with just a couple of older fish.





Delfur were again into the thirties. Thanks to mark for the pictures.

90 year young mr Heller landing one of his many fish Delfur.

Mrs Potter Delfur.

Mrs Potter playing a fish.

Who ate all the pies?

Coloured fish Delfur

Rothes Mike tells me “Another good week on the Rothes Beat with sixteen landed, mostly caught in the first half of the week. Mr Bladon was top rod with half the bag, hopefully it will remain cooler next week.


Arndilly Euan tells me” Seventeen for the week. Co host David Bate got the week started with a 10lb and 12lb fish from the Cobble Pot. Giles Brand had a couple and we had a first for Arndilly, Bernard Donges from France was playing a fish whilst standing in the main hut! He decided that getting a photo of his fish was important and his camera was in his bag in the hut, all ended well with a 12lb salmon landed and safely returned. Tuesday, we had six, Sally Bull doubled her career total in the Long Pool in a morning, best 16lb. Susan Haug caught her first ever salmon 12.5 lbs from Jocks Tail and Bernard had another two. Then the sun came out.  Wednesday we blanked. Thursday Will Bate had an 8lb fish from the Back of the Bog Friday Jonathon De Jongh managed a 3lb grilse early morning before 27c set in. Saturday was uncomfortably humid but overhead conditions helped with a a lovely 16lb fish for Mark Eyre and a fish for Blair and a grilse for Tim Bull. Fittingly David Bate finished what he started with an 11lb fish from the hut side of Jocks Tail. Interestingly Blair’s 8.5 lb fish I netted on Saturday in Back of the Bog was netted by me a week before for Brian McLean in the Soo ¾ mile downstream.

Susan Haug 1st fish Arndilly.

Sally Bull Arndilly 11.5lb.

Sally Bull Arndilly

Easter Elchies I have been asked to mention that Michael Trafford’s party are fishing for sea

trout at night and have had 11 so far up to 9lb.

Kinermony were also amongst the sea trout with 13 salmon and six seatrout.

Robbie Finnie Kinernomy.

Richard Smith Kinermony.

Aberlour had four salmon Neil Borthwick having three of them.

Neil Borthwick Aberlour.

Ken Davies Aberlour

Neil again Aberlour.

Wester Elchies also had a large sea trout weighed at 8 3/4 pounds.

I hear Carron had about half a dozen.

Castle Grant, Danny Assolari tells me  “my party at Castle Grant Beat 1: We caught 6 salmon and 2 grilse. Everybody had a fish.”

Jon Jakson Castle Grant 1

Jim Loghams Castle Grant1

Danni Assolari Castle Grant.


If you are fishing the Spey, or even other rivers, please keep an eye out for adult salmon bearing tags. The Spey Fishery Board and Spey Gillies are running a salmon tagging project to:
– Determine the re-capture rate of released salmon
– Provide information on the movements of rod caught salmon

Gillies along the river have been provided with tags, tagging equipment and training. Tagged fish could be recaptured anywhere in the river, even in other rivers, so we are asking all anglers to look out for fish carrying “Floy” tags next to the dorsal fin. Floy tags are vinyl coated, available in different colours and individually numbered.

What are we asking anglers to do if they catch a tagged fish?

-Take a note of the Floy tag colour and number (take good photo if possible)
– Carefully release the fish, with tag still in place
– Contact the Spey Fishery Board by Telephone number on tag or via the contact details below
– Anglers reporting a tagged fish will receive details of the fish including original tagging place and date, as well as any other information available
– A full report on the tagging study will be published at the end of the season, including details of all fish.

Please note the latest tags are yellow.

New Yellow tag.


Authored by: Malcolm Newbould
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    Well done to all. Lovley fish

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