Week Commencing 24th August 2020.

Last week’s forecast was a little more accurate and for the third week in a row there was a small mid-week rise in the river. This week the forecast follows along the same lines with some rain Wednesday, but probably not enough to raise the river much.

The tides are building till the weekend.



The lower river still seems to be getting a few fish but although there are plenty of fish in the pools they are getting reluctant to take.

Easter Elchies,  Orn’s report. “Despite the low water and bright conditions, some good sport at Easter Elchies this week. Red Craigs and Fiddich Mouth both fishing well in the low water. The whole beat has a large stock of fish, with Red Craigs in particular full of fish.”

Kirsty Waugh Easter Elchies.

John Grandison Easter Elchies.

Gus McRae no hands handling technique Easter Elchies.


Aberlour, Kenny Davies tells me, “Two fish caught by our visitors after the rise in the river , but nothing else, the fish have switched off, it’s like an end of season at the moment.”


Kinermony had a couple as did Wester Elchies.

Peter Kyte Kinermony.

Carron were better with four.

Neil Borthwick Carron

Fiona Brodie Carron.

I hear Laggan had a red- letter day on Wednesday with six landed.



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