Week Commencing 24th August 2015

Last week the rain on Monday pushed up the river on Tuesday and then just as it started to drop away again more rain pushed it up again. I always say at this time of year as the trees stop needing as much water the river is much more volatile and it appears the slightest shower has an effect on the level. The river rose over Saturday night and is currently sitting around the 1 ft 3” and dropping away.

Well for what’s it worth I will have another go at weather forecasting, this year it is more difficult or so I am lead to believe as the high pressure is disrupting the path of the lows making the exact position or time of arrival difficult to predict. Monday will be the driest day of the week. Everyday after that there will be some rainfall and it  will be heavier mid week. Temperatures are getting Autumnal with a predicted 12 the highest of the week. The tides peak on Tuesday and there will be no new water this week.


Catches: As expected at this time of year the Lower Beats are fishing the best. The Gordon Castle beats had well over one hundred fish. The rise in the water on Tuesday curtailed the catch that day but other wise just over 20 a day was the norm.

Delfur finished with thirty-six. Mark says the fluctuating water levels were not helping. Wednesday was the best day when ten were landed. There appears to be a mixture of fish, some residents, some grilse with a few liced ones amongst them.

Rothes continued in the mid teens, with sixteen landed.

Craigellachie continue with their best season for a number of years again getting into double figures.

Wester Elchies landed fifteen, which brings this years total very close to twice what was landed last year, not difficult, I know, but certainly a step in the right direction.

Carron again finished the week in double figures.

My Grantown correspondent tells me there are plenty of fish to be seen at Grantown but very few anglers are going out the bother them! Five salmon/grilse have been reported for the last week. The largest was a 14 pounder from the Dulnain Mouth.

Photographs appear to be in short supply this week, not surprising really as the residents are not as pretty as they once were. Surely someone can send me a picture of a big crocodile; there is something attractive about a large fish in its spawning glory.

Just one picture this week but he is certainly a pretty boy!

Who's a pretty boy then?

Who’s a pretty boy then?

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