Week Commencing 23rd February 2015

Well that’s March already, the 1st day of Spring according to the meteorological, or climatological calendar, I never realized just how many 1st days of Spring there actually are! Over the last week the number of feathered visitors or returnees has increased dramatically. I have seen quite large flocks of lapwings flying up river and the parcel of Oystercatchers on the Long Pool at Arndilly is building nicely, how true the stories of the salmon following the Oystercatchers are we will never know, but it always brings me hope. The forecast for the coming week is to start in mid single figure temperatures with some heavy sleety showers on Tuesday but the temperatures are predicted to reach the mid teens by the weekend, with the possibility of more snow melt. The tides are building again all week.


Catches, Dave Duncan was kind enough to send me a photograph of Ian Tennant’s fish from Brae 3 last week, a great looking fish.

Ian Tennant's fish from the Lord March Pool

Ian Tennant’s fish from the Lord March Pool


Delfur was quiet for most of the week till Saturday when three were taken. Donald Morrison managed two to his own rod. Donald accepted a late invitation on Thursday when Ness Castle gillie Gordon Armstrong decided he would rather go shopping with his wife Clare! (All right it was her birthday but BIG MISTAKE; it must be great to have such a loving husband, Clare). I managed to get my February fish but I felt I was cutting it a little fine.

Donald Morrison Hollenbush

Donald Morrison Hollenbush

Donald Morrison's 2nd fish Broom

Donald Morrison’s 2nd fish Broom


Delfur Head Gillie Mark Melville

Delfur Head Gillie Mark Melville


Rothes also had a slower than usual week till Michael Glass caught another fish from Creechy on Friday. Arndilly continued to pick away with another couple of fish. Upstream I gather the Aberlour Angling Club had their first for the season on Saturday. Wester Elchies, although very lightly fished, also got off the mark with a sea liced fish from the Delagyle Pool in front of the hut. The warm high-ish water suits the middle river beats to a  T, please contact the estate offices for availability.

I have heard of no fish from further upstream.

There are 7 comments for this article
  1. john wenlock at 9:05 pm

    well you learn something every day ! a parcel ! who would have guessed

  2. john wenlock at 10:23 pm

    you sure its called a parcel of oystercatchers ?

    • Malcolm Newbould Author at 10:28 pm

      I was, Mr. Google suggests I am correct but I could be persuaded by a decent argument! What would you suggest the collective noun for a number of oystercatchers is?

  3. Michael Hill at 8:01 pm

    Nice couple of fish there, Don!

  4. Donald Morrison at 6:52 pm

    Thanks again Malcolm for the day, I’ll remember those fish for a long time!

  5. olivier Devictor at 6:36 pm

    Well done Mark. With the beard you have your dog must be flattered !

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