Week Commencing 22nd May 2017.

Last week’s weather forecast was accurate and as I suggested the promised rain at the weekend failed to materialise. The temperatures reached the mid twenties, far too hot for Scottish People and way too hot for salmon fishing.

Next week temperatures are forecast to be more reasonable with only Wednesday being sunny, there is some rain forecast but the heavy rain is not forecast to arrive till next weekend. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till next weekend.

Catches: Again catches were good considering the weather conditions, the water temperatures, and the low flow levels in the river.

Gordon Castle had a handful thanks to Ian Tennant and his team for keeping me informed.

Greg Dixon Gordon Castle

Alan Drury Gordon Castle

I hear Orton finished with seven, good going in the conditions.

Delfur almost reached double figures, Camilla Mountain was the star of the week, helped out by Jordan Henderson, the dream team caught half the catch.

Camilla Mountain Otter Delfur

Camilla Mountain and Jordan Big Haddie Delfur

Top team Delfur.

Christian Ward-Thomas Delfur

Rothes also picked away finishing again with a handful.

Robbie with a nice fish Rothes.

Craigellachie had a couple as did, Aberlour Angling Club, Kinermony, Delagyle and Carron.

Edwin Whyte Delagyle.

Rodger Hearn Carron 1st fish aged 74.

Grantown also had a couple of salmon, but the seatrout numbers are still climbing.

Philip Casey Grantown

Ian, Grantown

Kinchurdy had a least ten seatrout, all returned. Thanks to Bobby Hall for his pictures, enthusiasm, and updates.

Kinchurdy sea trout.

Bobby Hall’s sea trout going back Kinchurdy.

Blue tit news, the first of the eggs hatched on Thursday and they were all hatched by Friday, now both parents are busy feeding. The pictures should give you an idea, ugly little fellows only a mother blue tit could love them!

Blue tits

Family blue tits

Mark Melville kindly sent me a picture of his swallow’s nest.

Swallow’s nest


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