Week Commencing 22nd February 2016.

The weather forecast last week turned out a little pessimistic, although cold the wind was not as northerly or a bitter as originally forecast. Some days were quite pleasant and on Saturday we actually ate lunch outside the hut in the warmish sunshine. The forecast for the coming week is a little unsettled, there is talk of it clouding over on Monday with some rain, locally heavy on Monday night into Tuesday morning. Tuesday will be better though there might be more wintery showers on Wednesday and Thursday. I would suggest typical for the first week of March on Speyside. The tides have peaked and there will be no new water till the end of the week.


Catches, I was discussing February Catches with the Board Scientist, Brian Shaw, I thought the average would be around twenty but Brian assures me that it is closer to thirty. By my rough calculation with one day to go we are sitting somewhere in the middle, but as I always say not every Estate reports their catches and the local “tom toms” can not be relied on for 100% accuracy.

I have heard of nothing below the Boat O’ Brig although there might have been catches that I have not heard about.

Delfur had a couple, Jan Rigden had his first February fish on Monday afternoon from Beaufort and on Saturday Swede Bjorn Sahlqvist had his first Spey fish from Sourden. Bjorn has had fish all over Scandinavia including the mighty Alta but was still delighted to land a fish from the Spey.

Jan Rigden's fish Beaufort Delfur

Jan Rigden’s fish Beaufort Delfur

Bjorn Sahlqvist Delfur

Bjorn Sahlqvist Delfur

The Gordon Group and guests had a relatively successful week at Rothes with four landed.Kevin James had one from Creachy on Wednesday and Ian Hutchinson had a sea-liced fish from the Long Pool. Ed Douglas had one from Burnmouth on Friday and Quaich winner Graham Ritchie one from Junction on Saturday.

Ed Douglas' fish Rothes

Ed Douglas’ fish Rothes

Ian Hutchinson Long Pool Rothes

Ian Hutchinson Long Pool Rothes

Graham Ritchie's fish Junction Rothes

Graham Ritchie’s fish Junction Rothes

Arndilly had a couple Bruce Cameron from Aberlour had one estimated at 15-16 lbs. mid week. Mel McDonald had another on Friday, pictured below.

Euan Reid Arndilly with Mel McDonald's salmon.

Euan Reid Arndilly with Mel McDonald’s salmon.

Laggan had their first of the season on Wednesday from the Gas (Carron) Pool. It was estimated at 9lbs but I have no more details. As far as I am aware this is the furthest up the river a fish has been landed but as usual at this time of the season most of the effort is concentrated between the bridges of Craigellachie and Boat O’ Brig.

I would like to close this week with a photograph of Graham Ritchie and Rory Paterson with the Anniversary Quaich; most pictures from the prize giving were quite dark having been taken indoors.

Grahm Ritchie and Rory Paterson Quaich winners 2016

Graham Ritchie and Rory Paterson with the Anniversary Quaich  2016

Can I take this opportunity to thank everybody for the use of their photographs?

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